anyone know what these womans health pills are called?

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I saw a comrecial on TV about them and I can’t remember the name but they are for womans vaginal health. They help prevent yeast infections and other things like that. Anyone know what that are called?



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Nurse Annie

There are a number of supplements that tout that they do this, but I wouldn’t waste your money. These are herbal supplements and they are not tested by the FDA and are not approved. The best way to try and avoid infection is to make sure you eat a balanced diet and drinking acidophilus milk or eating yogurt that contains live Lactobacillus organisms can also be helpful in keeping a balance. Cotton underwear is also helpful in preventing moisture from developing. Make sure after going to the bathroom that you wipe from front to back. Avoid use of any types of feminine sprays, talcs etc as they can also disrupt the normal balance. Also avoid any type of scented toilet paper. Eating yogurt daily is also helpful in keeping a balance.

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