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  • FVA supports organisations to develop, review and implement policies. Policies are really important in an organisation. A policy is a deliberate system of guidelines to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. It is important that organisations have policies to help guide people to ensure things are done properly and safely. It is critical that the policy is tailored to your organisation and will work within your organisation.

    FVA does not provide templates for policies. Using a template can lead to policies that don't fit well, aren't fully understood, don't get implemented properly and - in some cases - do more harm than good.

    That's why we provide Policy Guides instead. Our Policy Guides tell you what you need to know about key policy topics, how to develop your own policy that will work well within your organisation and how to implement it and review it.

    Our Capacity Building Team is on-hand to support you in the drafting, implementation and review of any policy - we won't write it for you and we won't give you a template. We help you to develop your own fit-for-purpose policies that suit you and your people.

    This is a new section, and we'll be adding policies throughout the second half of 2023. For now, we have guidance on the following policy areas:
    Policy AreaRelevanceLast Updated
    Anti-briberyCritical - every incorporated organisation must have a policy, by law02 July 2023
    Fair WorkCritical - every organisation looking for public sector funding in Scotland must have a policy and evidence compliance03 July 2023
    Please remember, almost all of the support we provide is free of charge. We provide crisis support and have done so many times, but we'd rather not - we'd rather help organisations at an earlier stage before things get too difficult. Putting good quality policies in place can often help avoid big problems later. But, if you think something is wrong, or want to check something out before you do it then please contact us - it can save us all a lot of time and stress.

This page was last updated on 01 September 2023.
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