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Grants awarded

  • All recipients of funding from the Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund in Fife will be listed below

    This table is automatically updated whenever an applicant organisation signs the grant award contract. There may be projects not yet listed below that have been provisionally awarded funds but have not yet completed the legal formalities.

    The project summary detailed below has been created by Fife Voluntary Action to give a broad taste of that project's intentions. It does not form part of our agreement with the relevant award recipient.

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    Organisation Project Awarded
    Aberdrombie & St Monans Residents Association St Monans Community Larder £2,450
    Summary: The project is being held at a local Town Hall, where they will be holding workshops in a safe, comfortable, and friendly meeting space. This will allow friends to chat and catch up, as well as make new ones. Linking with local farmers and growers to provide surplus food as well as advertising their work and services. They seek to build good relations throughout St Monanís and where necessary, be advocates for those who feel their voices are not heard. The initial support is with running costs, this giving them the opportunity to aim for the project to be sustainable.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Aeternum Project Aeternum Project £5,500
    Summary: The project is aimed at improving the mental health and well-being of people through Powerlifting and Crossfit style training, these sessions are done in a non-commercial gym environment so anybody who attends can do so and not feel anxious or self-conscious.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Kirkcaldy |
    Anim8s Headspace for Creativity £11,917
    Summary: Anim8s will purchase essential digital equipment to form animation stations and will test these in a pilot project involving adults with brain injuries, allowing participants to increase their confidence and wellbeing by creating connections with each other and, through their film, connect with the broader community. The pilot project will monitor the use of the new equipment and identify any adaptions or adjustments that might need to be made in how it is used with people of varying abilities in the future.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Kirkcaldy |
    Auchterderran Kinglassie Parish Church Disable access to garden area to rear of hall. £8,900
    Summary: This project is funding the improvement of the disabled access to the rear of the Parish Church. This will open the outdoor space for all to enjoy. Included there will be an outdoor dining facility, dedicated seating area, growing beds where vegetables can be grown and shared, raised planters for fruit, and flowers, potting shed for all to get involved. All of this will encourage people to become more active and connected with nature and society, spending time with friends and making new ones. Encouraging outdoor interactions as a means of post covid recovery and tentative steps back into society.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly |
    Auchtermuchty Community Centre The Auchtermuchty Low Carb Lifestyle Support Group £4,980
    Summary: This support group will provide 4 x weekly informal drop-in sessions, followed by 8 structured weekly education sessions about the 'Low Carb Lifestyle'. This will include cooking demonstrations, practical advice, and food tasting. This will also encourage social interaction, exchange experiences and tips, and get moral support in their journey to improve their metabolic health. The project will offer hope and a scientifically proven options to people with Type 2 Diabetes and pre-diabetes, as this disease need not necessarily be for life, but can be put into remission in many cases or medication can be reduced.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Benarty Food Angels Benarty Food Angels £9,839
    Summary: This group has two distinct projects they are working on, firstly they are enhancing the Meal Bag Mondays by including receipt cards and utensils to allow them to prepare the meals. By the end of the 12 weeks, they will have built up a decent amount of kitchen utensils to allow them to cook/bake easily in the future. Secondly there is a introduction of a new walking group where they will keep active, get a snack at the end, encouraging them to socialise and engage with each other and receive support where required.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly |
    Bipolar Scotland Hybrid self help groups £5,430
    Summary: This is a self-help group for people with Bipolar, they are offering face to face support alongside digital delivery which will open this service to many more individuals and the service becomes even more inclusive. They will be offering an increased mental health support to individuals living with Bipolar alongside their friends, families, and carers through the delivery of a Hybrid Self-Help. This delivery method gives the members complete control and reassurance that they can access support regardless of how their condition may be affecting them at the time these groups are delivered.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Brag Enterprise ( Delivering Together Levenmouth) Together Levenmouth Bingo Buddies £9,945
    Summary: This project will be running bingo sessions and some light refreshments, each session will be for 24 residents, each care home will also have a member of staff who will accompany the residents of that care home. The sessions will last approximately 4 hrs. There will be transportation provided and prizes for the bingo, ensuring residents enjoy an all-round experience. Bingo has immense benefits on the brain and mental health, attending these sessions can also help to reduce social isolation.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    Breathe Easy Fife Come together for well-being £2,200
    Summary: The Come together for well-being project is to help the current and new members to improve their mental health and well-being by reducing social isolation, motivating them to get fitter, and gain confidence to join in with society again. This is also a peer mentoring project, encouraging, and enabling members to help others. This will include social opportunities such as bringing members from all 4 Fife groups together with speakers and entertainment. Monthly exercise sessions where a fitness coach with training in lung health put on a class at each group prior to the usual monthly meetings. Finally, there will be a befriending service where members who are struggling with isolation and confidence will be linked with a befriender.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife |
    Brighter Futures Health Hub Enhancing Quality of Life for People in Need £10,000
    Summary: This project is a community facility which offers a wide range of differing activities including interactive workshops, 1-1 health consultations, social & leisure activities, moral & emotional support, clinical & support services, befriending and early intervention services. We will reach out to those who have been shielding, self-isolating, isolated, and lonely over the last 19 months. Support & medical services will include alternative therapies, physiotherapy, asthma care, podiatry, ear health, coping with depression, managing stress & anxiety workshops, occupational health, educational and personal development modules. There will be a weekly timetable and all activities listed above will be offered.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    Cambo Heritage Trust Fork to fork in the edible garden £9,352
    Summary: This is an extension of current wellbeing volunteering programme, providing a focus on seasonal planting, harvesting, cooking, sharing and enjoying produce from the edible garden. They will provide outdoor, physical activity linked to growing and preparing healthy food, opportunities to harvest winter salad and vegetable crops, seed sowing and planning for the coming season and cookery sessions with our vegetarian chef to share skills and social experiences with the group. An event to share meals will be offered to the wider community via Kingsbarns Community Council for an end of programme 'snowdrop lunch' to coincide with the annual snowdrop festival.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth | North East Fife |
    Cambo Heritage Trust Wellbeing walks, talks and music blocks £10,000
    Summary: This is 32 sessions of outdoor environmental activities centred on social interaction, creativity and connection for all of the local community to enable better mental, physical health and wellbeing. It will follow the four seasons and work with connecting to each season through cookery, creative arts and music - along with folklore and facts from the woodlands and gardens. The idea is to target users of the woodlands to reconnect with each other following an isolated couple of years and to find some 'joy' in our magical natural environment and to develop social experiences in the woodlands and gardens.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Care and Share Companionship Care and Share Companionship - Social Events £2,696
    Summary: Care and Share Companionship will be putting on quarterly afternoon social events to support people over the age of 60 living in isolation and loneliness. The project would bring people together to share companionship, lunch and entertainment tailored to their preferences. They would be involved in planning, feel valued, part of the community, know they have something to look forward to, meet people on a regular basis and have the opportunity to begin friendships that may develop. Coming together would ease their feeling of being forgotten because they are old, in addition to their feelings of being isolated and lonely.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Central Park Community Trust Cowden in the Community Covid Recovery Programme £3,535
    Summary: This is a variety of physical activities. Walking Football an activity for over 50s where football is played at walking pace with no physical contact. Adult Recreational Football aimed at over 35ís for a football coaching session which is fun based but involves physical activity. Adult Walk and Talk involves football clubs who meet at the stadium then walk around their local area whilst chatting aimed at over 35ís, it is a forum for adults to socialise and stay active. Adult Team Talk Tactics a programme aimed at men aged from 30 which allows men to meet at the stadium.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly |
    Changing Faces Skin Camouflage Fife £3,736
    Summary: This project supports individuals who have a visible difference in there appearance is an online and face-to-face service providing consultations to try products, colour-match to skin tones and learn application techniques. This service not only provides technical support for Skin Camouflage - specialist waterproof, long-lasting creams and powders, techniques to apply them, but also emotional support. These tools and support allow them to have choice over their appearance and support their mental health by building confidence and self-esteem.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Kirkcaldy |
    Church of Scotland Mental Health and Wellbeing Groups £9,523
    Summary: The grant will be used to purchase audio-visual equipment, to live-stream church services and other events to those unable/unwilling to attend in person. This will allow the elderly in their rural community, who have suffered the mental health issues of vulnerability and isolation during Covid-19, to reconnect with the family, friends and social activities they previously enjoyed. In addition, the audience for community groups using their premises to connect with others for things such as yoga, dance, music, craftwork/school events etc.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil Healthy, Therapeutic Green Volunteering in the Community £9,825
    Summary: This project will be running events to boost the mental health and wellbeing of existing and new volunteers. This will include two main events, an Xmas lunch and a day outing to Cambo snowdrops and St Andrews Botanic Gardens in early March. They will be promoting general volunteering and involvement. A pilot mental health and wellbeing booster sessions to fit into the other outdoor and indoor weekly activities fitting in around the main activities of the day. A larger event will complement the weekly sessions, build familiarity, solidarity, mutual understanding. They will also be upgrading their equipment.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    Clued Up Project Making it work for Families (Residential) £5,270
    Summary: This project will be providing whole family support for vulnerable families affected by substance use. We are organising a 3-night residential to Scott lodge, a purpose build outdoor centre in Angus Glens on the east bank of the River South Esk at the head of Glen Doll, for 16 individuals. The activities will include the outdoors focusing on mindfulness, wellbeing, team building and building relationships. This will allow families to come together to provide peer support, build on and increase family relationships, increase their confidence and self-esteem, increase awareness of the outdoor, and increase physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth |
    Collydean Community Centre Glenrothes Mental Health Connections £24,873
    Summary: The project aims to take an overarching approach towards mental health provision across the Glenrothes & surrounding areas. They will employ 2 part-time professional workers who will work directly with people who have mental health & wellbeing issues. They will look at where mental health provision is needed within individual communities where there is gaps. They will also look to support & help expand existing provision that is available to make sure that all areas are covered by some sort of service to best meet the local needs of the people in Glenrothes.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    Community Trade Hub Guided Start £12,240
    Summary: Guided Start is a multi-disciplinary skills development and vocational training academy. To ensure young adults have the best possible support available they have hired a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner to support the mental health of the participants. They will be working with at-risk groups - ensuring responsiveness to mental health needs for young adults through providing 1:1 mental health support. - be able to shape an outcomes-focused pathway that meet the needs of the participant, support young adults in coping with everyday struggles to help build personal resilience. Provide information and signposting to services available in the local area.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    Corrie centre senior citizens social club Better together £2,730
    Summary: The community centre runs weekly sessions, participants enjoy activities and the full benefits of social interaction and peer support. This reducing loneliness and improving their mental health and wellbeing. Transport will be provided for participants who have been unable to attend due to this being a barrier. Catering will be provided and various activities such as bingo and crafts, as well as a day trip for the members and their carers. There will be volunteers to buddy those less able to feel supported and enabled, reducing anxiety and fear as they take tentative steps back in society.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly |
    Crossroads Fife Mental Health & Wellbeing Champion £8,795
    Summary: This project is implementing a Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion who will train staff and be a point of contact for helping to support and signpost individual service users and their carers. The training will support new and current staff to understand Mental Health and Wellbeing and be able to identify relevant support and how this can be accessed. They will also be provided with regular updates, build relationships with other organisations to signpost to their services
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland Bereavement support for adults in Fife £6,000
    Summary: This project will increase bereavement support services in Fife which aim to improve the mental health and wellbeing of adults struggling to cope with grief. There will be 6 fortnightly community-based group sessions delivered face-to-face in Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, Methil and Dunfermline. Step-by-Step groups include walking groups & meet-ups. 20 Early support sessions for 10 adults in the first 6 months of bereavement. Sessions take place online in a one-to-one setting with an experienced volunteer who is trained in identifying risk of suicide and trauma. 150 1-2-1 support sessions. Free helpline & webchat service giving 125 people immediate support and information.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | South West Fife |
    Dunfermline Advocacy Community Connections- Citizen Advocacy in West Fife £6,355
    Summary: This project is to extend the development worker time to support 40 people in 20 Citizen Advocacy partnerships - 20 vulnerable adults in West Fife matched with a local volunteer. They will provide regular remote support to the 20 partnerships, and will meet in person to provide support if this is required, following government Covid guidelines as appropriate. During the 3 months of the project we expect each partnership to meet between 6 and 12 times for between 1 and 2 hours at each meeting.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | South West Fife |
    Dunnikier Park Community Golf Dunnikier Park Golf £10,650
    Summary: The project is bringing Park Golf to Dunnikier Park. It originated in Japan to get people outside and active in green spaces and so improve physical and mental health and wellbeing. Traditional golf requires skill, expensive equipment, good mobility and a reasonable level of fitness. Each of these, to many in our society, is a barrier. Park Golf is designed to appeal to all. It removes the technical challenges of traditional golf, so easy to play and only involves a player, one club and a ball. This making it simple, being active outdoors, engaging with others and having fun.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Embracing Life CIC Revive Wellbeing Hub £10,000
    Summary: This project will have a member of staff to develop and run with volunteers the local community wellbeing hub & cafe, providing services & activities to support positive mental health and wellbeing. As well as a large cafe serving teas/coffees and lunches, we have free arts and crafts available, puzzles, games as well as more structured activities that people can come along to. This project will provide a point of connection so people in the community, feel there is somewhere to go and talk, connect with others safely, get advice & support on improving wellbeing and information on other services available.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline |
    ENABLE Scotland ENABLE Healthy Minds £7,721
    Summary: ENABLE Healthy Minds are introducing an ACE group in Fife while also offering access to online sessions, a bespoke phone service to support members, and the opportunity to access counselling services delivered virtually in partnership with Abertay University. ENABLE Scotlandís ACE group brings people who have a learning disability from across Fife together to meet people, have fun and campaign on issues which are important to them. The group reduces social isolation while also generally improving mental health through empowering members and supporting them to build relationships and natural peer-support networks while developing their skills around resilience and assertiveness.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    EQUAL VOICE Equal Voice - Elevation Project £9,163
    Summary: This project is for a part-time worker to work with vulnerable adults who have a learning/physical disability/chronic illness/or enduring mental health. As a result of the pandemic, these vulnerable adults have suffered more than others due to lockdown. This an extension to current provision helping the hard-to-reach community. For each referral they will support them to compile a comprehensive Wellness plan, identifying personal goals to help address the impact of Covid 19 and support them to emerge from the pandemic. This would be done by signposting to help, advice and support, closely working and liaising with other referral partners.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth |
    Express Group Fife Levenmouth Express Group £1,765
    Summary: Express Group Fife currently run eleven weekly groups across Fife from St Andrews to Inverkeithing, they are introducing this provision to Levenmouth. It will follow the same format of their existing groups. They run from 9.30 until 1.00pm, participants receive a simple breakfast. Refreshments are available throughout the duration of the group. Finally, a simple cooked lunch. The participants decide the activities they wish to take part in. This includes bingo, chatting with other participants or staff and volunteers, arts and crafts or board games, but the key principle is that those attending decide what they want to do.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    Fairway Fife Community Re-engagement Project £10,440
    Summary: This project is extending a current project, community re-engagement and mental health recovery project for adults, aged 16+, with disabilities, working with 20 additional adults with disabilities. This giving them meaningful experiences and rebuild their mental health. The staff and volunteers will be working with small groups of 4 adults with disabilities per day and they will be doing this 5 days per week. The focus will be on reintegrating these individuals, who have become reclusive and withdrawn, with normal community experiences and also regular activity that furthers the restoration of their mental wellbeing.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline |
    Falkland Stewardship Trust Creative Outdoor Tree Trail £7,810
    Summary: This project includes Walks and Dance Mindfulness walks, these walks will rejuvenate body and mind, improve concentration, increase awareness of feelings. Meditation to Dance, this is individual dancing, led by the music, with no effort. Proven benefits in terms of exercise, improved heart rates and a sense of wellbeing. Nature walks, identifying wildlife, learning about habitats, respecting the environment. Craft activities Memory rag-rugging, learning the easy yet therapeutic skills of rag-rugging. Memory bunting - learning basic sewing skills. Re-purposing old clothing into bunting that can be used for happier occasions, weddings, birthdays. Felting - using Falkland wool. Cooking, making wild garlic pesto.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes | North East Fife |
    Falkland Stewardship Trust New year, new activities, new opportunities. £10,010
    Summary: This is a nature based themed trail through Falkland Estate. The trail will be created through a series of free outdoor creative craft sessions using primarily materials found in the woodlands. The sessions will be led by experienced outdoor environmental artists. The trail will be free for all and will appeal to walkers of all ages (including people with mobility issues). The trail will promote the importance of trees as home to many of our native animals such as the red squirrel. The trail reflects the importance nature has for humans, and the good mental health benefits that it can yield.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes | North East Fife |
    Falling UP Together Falling UP Living in Art £13,791
    Summary: Falling UP Together will deliver individual and group art collaborations to primarily support persons with mental health diagnoses, to nurture creativity and positive mental wellbeing. Through differentiated structures our participants will be empowered to contribute to culture and local community. This will be achieved through running collaborative art projects between artistic mentors and participants, both studio-based at Fire Station Creative, Dunfermline, and outdoors at Silverburn Park, Leven. Projects will provide artistic activities to develop participants' confidence, self-esteem and increase artistic proficiency through the creative process. Participants will be mentored towards an artistic contribution to an exhibition, and digital representation of artworks online
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Levenmouth |
    Families in Trauma Mapping Mental Health, Levenmouth, Fife. £2,145
    Summary: This project will bring key mental health and wellbeing services together monthly over 6 months to look at what support is currently being/could be given to support those who have struggled because of the pandemic. Individuals who are working in mental health charities, voluntary organisations, social enterprises etc will be invited to a location providing a soup and sandwich lunch to encourage attendance. They will work in a co-production way to find out exactly whether they feel a mental health hub is required. These forums will be facilitated by a Families in Trauma staff member and volunteer.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    Families in Trauma Stretching the comfort zone £9,698
    Summary: This project is an online e learning course for those who suffer with anxiety and depression which was further intensified as a result of the COVID pandemic and the impact on people's mental health and wellbeing. At this point the funding will cover stages 1 and 2 - the pre-production and the production phase of the project. The eLearning course will be split into 6 modules with each module covering an aspect of anxiety and depression and how it can be self-managed with different tools.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    Families Outside Supporting families affected by imprisonment £10,000
    Summary: Families Outside is the only charity providing a specific service provision with specialised knowledge and skillsets to support families affected by imprisonment. They are providing face-to-face community support by their Regional Family Support Coordinator (RFSC) supporting as many of the up 500 families that can be affected by imprisonment of a loved one in Fife at any given time. Imprisonment of a loved one has a negative impact on the social, emotional, financial, educational development of a family, leading to disadvantage, exclusion, and risk of offending.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    FEAT Trading CIC Beach Wheelchairs £10,000
    Summary: Silverburn Park is located a short walk to the Fife Coastal Path & Leven Beach, the recently upgraded link path from our car park to the beach. The path upgrade has made it accessible for people with mobility problems. We would like to purchase two specialist chairs to offer on free loan to those people who would otherwise be unable to access the beach. The benefits to individuals, evidenced by the existing small fleet of beach wheelchairs in St Andrews, is a life-changing opportunity and experience often never realised before ensuring equality of access and improving Silverburn as a destination for everyone.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    FEAT Trading CIC Silverburn Staycations £9,975
    Summary: The Silverburn Park Campsite offers a tranquil location for people to get away, relax in beautiful surroundings, benefiting mental health and wellbeing. Exclusive access to the glamping pods during 3 weekdays per week over a 12-week period from 10 January-31 March 2022 and given to other local organisations supporting disadvantaged individuals and families. Specific organisations have agreed to provide vouchers to their service users to take up this opportunity. They will block-reserve the eco-pods over this period as well as providing a home-cooked meal from the Park's Cottage Window Cafť.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    Fife Alcohol Support Service Curnie Clubs Connecting with Nature £15,675
    Summary: Six Curnie Clubs will help Members access nature and explore their own and each others' local areas to help improve mental health. They will practice commonly problematic issues, i.e. accessing public places and utilizing public transport. The project will serve as an extension to our Stage 3 Mindset Group. For those ready, it will help them access local nature spots with staff and peer support with regards to previously mentioned issues. It will run for 15 weeks and will include walks with sit-spot invitations and nature-based workshops. Each participant will be provided with a waterproof sit-spot pad and sit-spot journal.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fife Alcohol Support Service Wellbeing Support for FASD Caregivers and Adults Living with FASD £5,856
    Summary: This project is an expansion of the FASD Fife Service, it is new activity within the service. They seek to increase the wellbeing of service users who have experienced social isolation, mental health issues and anxiety brought about by the impact of Covid-19. The project seeks to support caregivers and adults to recover from the effects of Covid and itís restrictions and help to re-build their capacity to manage daily life living with FASD, support their mental wellbeing recovery, provide learning to help caregivers better manage the increase and intensity of their childís behaviours and increase their overall capacity to re-engage with society in a positive manner.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fife Carers Centre Supporting Carers Mental Wellbeing £9,150
    Summary: This project will be to develop a network of support and activities throughout Fife. Different activities identified by carers as things they would find beneficial, in different areas that will focus on helping carers develop confidence and resilience, reduce isolation and to work towards improving or maintaining their mental wellbeing. They have 8 Carer Support Workers who each allocated to work in one of Fife's 7 localities as well as a Mental Health Carer Support Worker and other workers with their own specialisms.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fife Centre for Equalities Fife Women's Tent £10,000
    Summary: Fife Womenís Tent aim to continue to promote positive physical, emotional and mental wellbeing for disabled, minority ethnic, transgender and other marginalised women in Fife by encouraging them to make positive connections and support each other in these troubled times. The members wish to 1. Organise three big gatherings (North, Mid and South of Fife). 2. Arrange pop up meet-up groups across Fife. 3. Purchase books for book club members. 4. Buy vouchers for online contributors (exercise classes, live music sessions and other activities).
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fife Centre for Equalities Minority Ethnic 60+ Project £10,000
    Summary: The grant will enable ME60+ project to employ a befriending operational assistant. The ME60+ project currently has three multi-lingual operational assistants supporting over 150 minority ethnic older people across Fife. Each assistant works 14 hours per week and they are already struggling with maintaining contact with the minority ethnic older people as well as organising support for the older people from other agencies. We require an additional staff member who can concentrate on developing the following: 1. A befriender pack 2. Recruit volunteers 3. Organise and Conduct training 4. Match volunteer with relevant older person. The new staff member will need to have good community knowledge to help attract volunteers from minority ethnic backgrounds. The funding from National Lottery Community Fund is restricted to employ the three existing operational assistants.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fife College Students Association FCSA Communities £10,000
    Summary: This project is to provide an invaluable informal support network for students who may struggle to connect with classmates. They already run a variety of groups and are extending this with a Green Club, to fund a growing challenge for the community, Creative writing workshops, meet the author sessions and finally to purchase tickets for events and outings to local stores that host events throughout the year. Our communities would grow twofold; internally as their societies and out in the wider Fife as we collaborate with local organisations and businesses to build up local pride and shared networks.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fife Employment Access Trust Stress Resilience £1,072
    Summary: This programme is a combination of short informal talks and practical exercises in a group setting supported by an experienced mindfulness teacher. Upon completion of the programme participants will have a greater understanding of the effects of stress on mind and body & have experience of exercises that will enable them to become more resilient Participants attending the short programme (4x2 hrs) will be introduced to the following: What stress is and its effects on the mind and body, why our minds are always busy, how we can settle the mind.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    Fife Forum Cafť Forum-Leuchars £2,000
    Summary: This project will be running a social group at cafe within the community centre open to the local community, on alternate Friday mornings. The focus will be to provide table top games and activities to stimulate conversation and aid in improving confidence. This may also assist in maintaining or improving cognitive functioning.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Fife Gingerbread Fife Gingerbread - Explore Fife £3,000
    Summary: This project will encourage families to explore the local area beyond their immediate neighbourhood. The cost of doing so makes this inaccessible for the families. Fife is full if amazing free opportunities. Families don't have the funds to take their children on day trips, using local transport, and to create new experiences and memories together. A buddy volunteer will provide additional support such as travel training or route planning. Transport will be provided to families to do so independently. This project will positively impact the health and wellbeing of the whole family, grow skills, inspire confidence and create change.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fife Gingerbread Going Mellow £8,700
    Summary: This Projects will train 2 workers and these workers will establish Mellow Parenting groups in 2 of the most marginalised areas of Fife Levenmouth and Cowden/gelly. Mellow parenting programs aim to improve parenting skills by helping parents understand the impact their childhood has had upon their ability to care for their children. This is only part of the of the benefits to parents, the design and delivery of the programs is such that parents develop confidence in their abilities, understanding of who they are and develop strong relationships with fellow participants all of which support a positive social network.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Levenmouth |
    Fife Gingerbread Lone Parents Social - Glenrothes £3,500
    Summary: As part of a mental health and wellbeing recovery programme, the community allotment will assist with providing a one off event for our lone parents to boost their mental health. This will be a great opportunity for clients to acknowledge, process and move forward with any issues that have been weighing on their mind. The artistic opportunities are endless from individual projects to community projects. The allotment opportunity will provide both physical and mental benefits by being outside. They will grow vegetables and herbs that they can use at Christmas time and have a home-grown element to their Christmas dinner.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    Fife Migrants Forum Building Bridges Fife £10,000
    Summary: The focus of this project is to help improve peopleís physical/mental health and wellbeing and promote inclusive cultures, take action to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. Fife is geographically expansive, has approximately 26,000 people experiencing migration. They will deliver services to focus on peopleís strengths, abilities & potential rather than problems. Promote the ethos that everyone has something to contribute and can learn. Involve participants in decisions about the purpose and content of the group and encourage experiences and provide people with a range of opportunities. Create safe, supportive environments, where participants can try new skills, activities without feeling threatened.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | North East Fife |
    Fife Music Connections Fife Music Connections £14,999
    Summary: Fife Music Connections are a music organisation who provide, the setting and space for people Fife wide to come together to create original music. The project involves people of all ages, employment status, gender, physical and mental ability, sexuality, and race and positively encourages diversity within the membership which enriches the experience for all and results in connections and friendships being made by people who, for some may be the only place where they express themselves and socialise. The medium of music is sometimes the only expression some use especially in some of our more socially isolated members. This will be extended by taking the group on tour and using other local venues to perform gigs, making more community connections, and supporting local businesses. Though employability is not at the heart of our project, we have found that due to enhanced confidence, skills and social interaction, some members have gained employment.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Fife Society for the Blind T/A seescape Visual impairment - counselling £2,500
    Summary: Seescape currently provides limited counselling for people struggling to come to terms with their sight loss. The do this by referring to a third-party provider, Interactions, who specialise in working with people with sight loss and have been counselling Seescape clients for several years. Since the start of the Covid pandemic, many clients have become frightened, lost confidence and are unable to find a way to cope with their situation which has severely impacted people living with visual impairmentís mental health and wellbeing. This community has been unable to social distance and follow cleaning regimes in shops or other venues. This has resulted in people not leaving home and not accepting support, becoming more isolated and excluded. This project will refer clients for counselling, who are currently on their waiting list.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fife Voluntary Action Wibble wobble's £10,000

    This is here to demonstrate how this section will work.

    The aim is to keep the broad description of the project to around the length of a Tweet (though not be too restrictive) so that we can use the snippets later on when posting on social media.

    It's pretty ambitious/stupid.

    Areas supported: North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fife Young Carers Young Adult Carer Social Mixers £6,545
    Summary: This project will provide young adult carers (YACs) with social opportunities and activities to better connect them with each other (offering peer support), have a break from their caring role and enabling them to participate in new activities that they would not normally, due to caring responsibilities or financial constraints, be able to. These activities will improve YACs mental health, coping strategies and resilience. Activities offered will challenge them to build confidence, self-esteem and to develop team working skills which will support them in their transition to adulthood and improve their mental health and develop resilience. They will offer a minimum of one activity per month which would include such things as bowling; cinema outings; crazy golf; escape rooms; go karting; trip to local attractions such as Edinburgh Dungeons; trip to Snow Factor; aquaparks; and the Enchanted Forest. These activities would be offered to a minimum of 20 young adult carers at a time. This project will take the YACs skiing and for lunch at the Snow Factor in Glasgow subsequent activities will also be fully funded, including transport, and may have an element of shared food/meals.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Fifer For The Community Covid Recovery through Improving Leven Together £19,000
    Summary: This is a new project in direct response to the chronic impact Covid has had on the mental health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, businesses, and voluntary organisations in Levenmouth. The post holder will, through collaborative working, help coordinate better use of resources, training, delivery and buildings of the health agencies, businesses, educational facilities, and voluntary groups delivering wellbeing and mental health support to those who have suffered most from the pandemic in the Levenmouth area. In the first six months the post holder will deliver support to 3 forums organised for the benefit of the 14 participant groups in the collaboration. Support a minimum of 4 training events to be held by the different members of the collaboration, organise and chair monthly meetings of the members of the collaboration that'll ensure the aims of the project are being met. Operate and update daily Facebook and Twitter account highlighting the services available and offering links to online help and support for visitors to the social media pages.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    Furniture Plus Ltd Woodcraft and upcycling for wellbeing £9,285
    Summary: Previously this organisation held a 10-week workshop working in partnership with Fife Council Community Based Adult Learning. They provided attendees with free use of their wood workshop. It was attended by 10 adult learners each week, in some cases with support needs, the workshop taught them new skills in woodworking and woodturning. All the material used in the workshop was reuse items such as pallets, bed slats, and scrap wood. The feedback they received and the request for further activities such as this has been vast. They are going to repeat this workshop, with two courses per week and would particularly wish to reach out to those with mental health or physical disabilities. They will employ a team leader to run the course and ideally the person who ran the last course, delivering it with the expertise and business model that is tried and tested.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Gallatown Bike HUb Recycle Yersel and build a better future £20,540
    Summary: Re-cycle Yersel is a project that has been developed by local people (volunteers and members) in response to the worrying rise in Mental Health issues among local people, including people feeling isolated, suicidal, and suffering from extreme anxiety, since March 2020. The project has also been developed to respond to the needs identified in the Gallatown Neighbourhood Development Plan to create a more connected community and create safe spaces for local people with mental health issues and/or addiction issues to learn new skills, share skills, make friends, and get connected; and to provide opportunities for local people to improve their physical health, get active; and develop opportunities to be creative. We will employ 2 part-time staff with lived experience of Mental Health issues. 1 to support Bike mechanics and cycling and the other woodwork and upcycling workshops. They will offer group and 1 -1 support, deliver training and practical sessions, and help Development staff to support volunteers.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Gallatown Gala and Community Group Caring Communities £39,650
    Summary: This project will have 3 assistant posts for people with lived experience. Food Resilience worker, supporting the community to build food resilience, through increasing skills around cooking, food on a budget, supporting community lunches etc. Parent support worker will support with individuals demonstrating low parenting skills, confidence and esteem. They will provide MH support to parents while their children develop through play. Liaise with local schools to identify parents needing support. Work with and support volunteers who are running toddler groups. Help establish a peer support network for local parents. Volunteer development worker will look to improve, support and development the younger staff and volunteers, many affected by low confidence/esteem and poor MH- which has been heightened significantly by the pandemic.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Glenrothes Mens Shed GMS Members Recovery Project £8,748
    Summary: The Menís Shed is open to adults of all ages. Previously the membership was greater than 100 before lockdown and now we estimate the membership to be less than 50. We have clear evidence from our existing members of the material value that the Shed delivers for those men that are isolated, bereaved, depressed, bored and disheartened due to loneliness. The project's objective is to engage the local community with the goal of bringing back as many of the original members as possible and also attracting new members enabling them to learn, share their skills and enjoy the benefits of the Shed. The activities in the Shed relate mainly to woodwork and, after discussion within the committee and with members, we wish to diversify and broaden the number of activities that we offer. To this end we wish to develop our infrastructure to support Horticulture and craft work such as Stain Glass Working, Candle-Making and Picture Framing. This would be supported by the woodworkers who would build tables, storage, racks and jigs. To-date the membership has successfully grown through word of mouth, passers by walking into the Shed and some leafleting. A marketing plan will be produced and implemented.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    Glenrothes strollers CC Strollers safe space £6,128
    Summary: This project will ultimately aim for better conditions for good mental health & wellbeing by bringing people together who need a safe space here and now instead of waiting for mental health services. The project will look to employ an experienced Youth and Community Worker who is well versed in mental health first aid and who is knowledgeable in various mental health services available to which the members can be signposted to. They will develop a peer mentoring group of volunteers who will train up using ASDAN peer mentoring course or similar and lead them to create safe spaces for members. Within the groups, members will be able to talk about issues affecting them and have responsive support. There will be meetings 3 times a week there will be refreshments and a bite to eat available for members and a programme devised by its own members. The programme will endeavour to include health and fitness, outdoor activities and social activities which all help to meet good mental health.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    Greenheart Growers Greenheart Volunteer Sessions £8,115
    Summary: The Greenheart Market Garden, Volunteer Sessions will engage local people outdoors, providing first-hand experience, skills, knowledge and confidence to grow their own food. Session participants will gain access to accredited REHIS awards in Growing and Cooking and Nutrition. Sessions to take place once per week with qualified worker, at the Market Garden in Fife. With this project they wish to make essential site improvements, improve Fife Local Infrastructure, by installing a decking area, for Volunteers to sit and socialise, cook and share fresh produce / healthy meals, engage in cooking and growing workshops, and relax. This would be a significant improvement.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy | South West Fife |
    Grow West Fife SCIO Growing Friendships £9,449
    Summary: Grow West Fife is a volunteer-led project formed in lockdown at an abandoned walled garden to grow fruit and vegetables for those in food poverty, promote home and community growing, and nurture friendships. Since April 2020, they restored a one-acre site, reconnected water pipes, installed a toilet, built a polytunnel, delivered weekly fruit, vegetables, and recipes bags to community pantries in Kincardine, High Valleyfield and Oakley. They launched a Tatty Grow Bag giveaway scheme for 100 new growers and grew there Facebook group membership from 40 to more than 400 engaged members, 34 of whom are active volunteers. They will now welcome more people and groups and offer somewhere to shelter, rest and chat over tea and cook the food they have grown. There will be workshops on how to turn the veg into delicious, nutritious, low-cost meals. They will install, fit and equip the kitchen shed ready to welcome new volunteers at the start of the Spring 2022 growing season.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | South West Fife |
    Haydays Click and Connect with Haydays.(Computer classes for the over 50s) £10,468
    Summary: Haydayís believes strongly in keeping their members active and connected, not just with each other but with family, society, services, and the wider community so that they can be involved, valued, engaged, and stimulated. The members have a collective life experience that has much to offer if they have the ability to share it. As Covid necessitated a move to much more online activity we became aware that at least 25% of our members are either not confident in doing this or are simply unable to do so. They will be developing IT skills amongst their members, introducing members with limited or no IT skills to the world of technology, promoting online safety, reconnecting members with each other, friends, family, services and society. To enable them to do this, we would like to purchase appropriate technology which will remain the property of Haydayís and become the basis of IT classes. They will also get the services of a tutor for 12 weeks @ 4 hours a week. They aim to continue the classes for as long as required and hope that members will become able to support each other. The equipment will also be available during cafe for those unable to access otherwise.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Heids and Herts Scotland Heids and Herts Community Radio £19,753
    Summary: Heids and Herts aims to connect people through culture. Drawing on varied funding streams, and in collaboration with local groups, they will offer opportunities to take part in a range of community arts activities which would not be available otherwise, helping build connections, expand horizons, develop skills and confidence, and improve mental wellbeing. They will deliver a community arts project to build, equip, launch and operate a 14-day live broadcast FM and Internet radio station (from Burnturk village hall) in the Howe of Fife Short Term Restricted Service Licence from Ofcom. It will recruit a short-term freelance Station Manager and a team of volunteers and deliver training on: Understanding Community Radio, using their broadcast system, creating good radio, audio production & interviewing, Ofcom broadcasting code and Introduction to Podcasting. The project will involve: set-up of the studio and training base, recruitment of volunteers and guest presenters, scoping ideas for pre-recorded programme content and test broadcast via internet radio, interviews, podcasts and special feature programmes; and the launch and live operation for 14 days of the studio. Heids and Herts Community Radio will establish a platform to engage with a diverse range of people in the community by showcasing performances by local artists and encouraging conversations about the issues of loneliness, isolation, mental health and wellbeing, and the importance of arts participation.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Home Start Glenrothes Healthy Minds, Health Lives £10,000
    Summary: This project will employ an individual that will identify, develop, facilitate, and manage new initiatives that will collectively aim to address the increasing incidence, severity and complexity of poor and profound mental health and other acute challenges that adults referred to the scheme are struggling with. This will include the recruitment and management of new volunteers to support the initiative. The initiatives will deliver a blend of opportunities that will support adults based on their individual needs, strengths, and ambitions. Initiatives will be on both a one to one and group basis, using a range of creative and innovative interventions. Opportunities to meet new people and experience new situations will be a key part of the project.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    Home Start Levenmouth Supporting Paternal Mental Health £11,200
    Summary: Across Fife, six Home Start schemes support around 360 of Fifeís most vulnerable families. Most referrals to our schemes are for mothers. All six schemes struggle to engage with male parents and carers successfully. A growing evidence base shows that supportive fathers & partners benefit families in the following ways: Support a motherís mental health; Support improved outcomes for children and infants; Support improved outcomes for family relationships. With this funding, we would partner with Fathers Network Scotland (FNS) to design a bespoke training session to address the above. This training will combine the outcomes of the Understanding Dad and the Understanding Paternal Mental Health trainings, based on the needs of the staff and volunteers across the six schemes. FNS will facilitate 12 of these bespoke courses to the six schemes in Fife and 2 train the trainer.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Home-Start Cowdenbeath Eatwell, Feelwell and Reconnect £8,965
    Summary: This project would like to sustain the remote element of our Resilience Workers remit in working with Mums who have given birth in lockdown. These mums have experienced the Psychological Trauma of giving birth during the Pandemic and as a result are experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues. This work was initially funded as a Pilot Project by an Emergency Grant Fund from The Community Fund (Awards for All Scotland) to support Mums who gave birth during the pandemic The Project will offer up to 10 women ( referred by Health professionals):- * once weekly remote 1 hour chat via either zoom, Facebook messenger or telephone call *once weekly 1 and 1/2 hr outdoor walking group with their baby/babies ( Buggy Walk) *once weekly online cooking group ( weaning and family nutritious meals) recipe cooked whilst mums watch online then mums post their home-cooks online afterwards to our Home-Start Cowdenbeath Private face book page Our aim is to support this group to :- *eat better ( weekly online cooking programme) *feel better ( weekly 1 to 1 consistent remote support) * reconnect with their community ( weekly outdoor buggy walk)
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly |
    Home-Start East Fife Home-Start East Fife £5,000
    Summary: Home-Start East Fife will offer 1-1 support from staff and/or volunteer on a fortnightly/weekly basis for parents with young children who are socially and/or geographically isolated. The support will be a mixture of phone calls, online video calls and face to face visits. The focus will be on assisting parents to become more socially connected within their community to enable sustainable long term reduction in feelings of isolation and loneliness which often will lead to low mood, depression, poor confidence and self-esteem. This is an expansion of our existing support for families we will be offering support to 10 families who have identified as socially and/or geographically isolated.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Hourglass Scotland Safer Ageing Support Service (SASS) £9,900
    Summary: At Hourglass, we believe that prevention is critical in tackling the societal issue of abuse of older people. Certain life circumstances can make some older people more susceptible to abuse, including isolation, loneliness, difficulty accessing services, lack of home security, digital exclusion, poor physical or mental wellbeing. Our trained SASS volunteers work with beneficiaries to identify risk factors in the personís life and to co-produce an individual support plan that addresses those factors. The individual support plan incorporates a time-limited period of regular (i.e. weekly) phone calls or home visits with people and assess their safety and welfare, provide safer ageing guidance, and signpost to local services for further support as needed or requested. The volunteer who is ideally from the same community to facilitate common understanding and friendship acts as an intermediary between the older person and local support services.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Kennoway Community Shed Happy Faces £8,000
    Summary: They will be handing out meals to 60 Shed members which will be in plastic containers and bagged. The meals will be different every week. They are looking at the meals going on for twelve weeks during the colder parts off the year, where our members might be struggling with bills etc. With various homemade soups, stovies, curry, or pasta then natural yoghurt and fresh fruit and a cake or scone. Due to Covid and not have our regular two days on a Tuesday and Friday They are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with less people on each day. The meals will be ready on a Friday to takeaway and will be prepared by a local caterer and the cakes supplied by a local Shop both from Kennoway. The other money is to go towards wood, metal, tools and arts & crafts materials thus will help with the members to keep being active and interact in the sessions, also the feel-good factor off achieving something made or assisting with, a purpose to get up for in the morning and feel good within themselves.
    Areas supported: Levenmouth |
    kindred Advocacy Kindred Fife £3,000
    Summary: Looking after a child with a serious, complex or life limiting health condition brings enormous demands for parents, very often completely out of the blue. The emotional energy needed to understand and come to terms with a complex diagnosis, combined with the practicalities of a sudden drop in income because a parent can no longer work can be overwhelming. This is where Kindred steps in, providing practical and emotional support to enable parents to ensure the best possible future for their child. The Fife team based in Dunfermline covers the whole of Fife. The team has two staff, Linda and Lindsay who provide the following support to families of children with complex needs. The team offer support with the following: Applications for trust grant funds for specialist equipment and grants required for caring, assistance with applying for benefits such as Disability Living Allowance, advocacy support for statutory meetings with health including Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS), social work, education and housing, Informal parent support groups. One of the most important roles for our staff is to provide a listening ear, as many families simply appreciate someone to talk to and staff can meet with families over the telephone.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline |
    Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project Young People Counselling Service £10,000
    Summary: KASP will recruit a qualified and experienced counsellor to deliver 1:1 therapeutic counselling to young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who live in Fife and who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. This will fast track young people into the service and enable them to get the support when they need it rather than waiting on a lengthy waiting list. One to one counselling and support will include crisis support and psychoeducation enabling clients to reduce /eliminate the symptoms of trauma caused by CSA. KASP provides counselling and support that targets the symptoms of early childhood trauma which can reduce/eliminate the symptoms that have the potential to impact negatively on clients. Effective counselling can impact positively on an individualís relationships.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    kingdom off road motorcycle club Back On Track £14,999
    Summary: The charity will provide weekly full day placement & groupwork sessions for up to 6 candidates per cohort. This will be an exciting, structured programme over 12 weeks, with a focus on achieving a Bronze Youth Achievement Award - equivalent to a Nat 4. This accreditation element would be for young people up to the age of 25. There will also be individual sessions offered, post programme sign posting and an opportunity for ongoing volunteering where appropriate. They know from working with many volunteers, young people, and parents over the years, that their time with kingdom off road has improved their mental wellbeing. Also, they know from research, that adrenaline releases the happy bio-chemicals endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, Oxytocin. So many of their participants are naturally stimulating their mind through positive motorcycling activities, bonding, and socialisation. Many people are surprised to learn of the physicality of off-road motorcycling too, so they will encourage and develop a healthy body = health mind.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth |
    Kingdom Vineyard (storehouse is a activity of KV) Evening drop in session pilot £2,200
    Summary: Currently Storehouse runs Foodbank drop-in sessions from 11am to 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Whilst this serves those who can access their services during daytime hours, they are aware of a need for those who are in work, but still require the help of a Foodbank, to be able to access their service outside of daytime working hours. To assess the extent of this need, they intend to run a 6-month pilot of weekly evening sessions of Storehouse. (This will include publicity efforts to make the community aware of the new additional opening hours). In order to do this, they need to expand the hours of the staff team that they can; organise volunteer rota's, train new volunteers, run new sessions, communicate changes to current clients, and to communicate their new availability to unreached groups
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Kirkcaldy Community Radio (K107fm) Talk To Me £10,000
    Summary: K107fm are looking to harness the power of radio to reach out across the Kirkcaldy area. Exploring different areas of mental health and guiding listeners through advice, expertise, and support available within Fife from various organisations. Every day, a new episode will be released and shared on-air, via social media and available to "Listen Again". Each 5-minute episode focusing on a different topic. Asking relevant organisations to "Talk To Me" and help people deal with issues such as mental health, isolation, bereavement, conflict at home and self-care. Further short form audio also created in one-minute bitesize chunks to play out in ad breaks and increase reach of project The station set to open a "community space" within the Mercat Shopping Centre - however currently in development and subject to fundraising and grant support. Proposal would include ability for resources and literature to be available long term, and for Talk To Me partners to be able to have "Talk To Me" days, whereby they could hold informal open days within a high street location and these be promoted on-air in advance. This adding to local infrastructure and providing a new town centre location with additional multi-organisational resources, without any stigma attached to a building or office elsewhere.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth |
    Kirkcaldy Rugby Club Kirkcaldy RFC Capability Sustainment Project £9,251
    Summary: Kirkcaldy Rugby Football Club has recently launched a website to provide players, members and the public with better guidance and support They have many amazing volunteers throughout the club who are ready and willing to help no matter the issue. The goal of this project is to secure the funding that would allow the Club to grow to its full potential so we may open even further to the local Kirkcaldy and wider-Fife communities. The Club has been working with the Fife Communities Hub with the Changing Lives Initiative, backed by SportScotland to enable those who may come from disadvantaged backgrounds to bring them back into sport, the community and to teach life skills as well as offering friendship and a sense of belonging. The proposed new Clubhouse to replace the current dilapidated one, shall open the Club to even more playing members, with all the associated health and well-being benefits of playing sports, as the current changing room infrastructure isnít fit for purpose and the introduction of community space and cafe as shown in the conceptual plans shall allow for increased patronage of Beveridge Park by the general public.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | South West Fife |
    Kirkcaldy YMCA Connected and Caring Communities £35,000
    Summary: Following the pandemic, it is crucial that over the next few years they can offer holistic, supportive services to local children, young people and adults. Their aim is to strengthen some existing programmes, expanding support and coaching young employees/volunteers. They will employ a worker to focus upon mental health within their Creative Communities programme - based on the belief that cultural activity has broad, interlinked benefits for people and communities, includes improving mental wellbeing and reducing loneliness. Their programme supports communities to develop and implement programmes of creative activity and is focused on communities where social circumstances make engaging with cultural activities more challenging. They utilise music, crafts, graphic design and art to engage local people in 2 bases - YMCA building and the Gallatown HUB, there are 6 weekly sessions. The tutors delivering the programme are kind and supportive, with increasing time being spent on 1 to 1 support and dealing with issues/anxieties, this impacting on the programme.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Lamentally Sound CIC West Fife Villages Mental Health Hub £8,919
    Summary: Lamentally Sound CIC want to, deliver a programme of classes, courses, groups, support services and events that improve mental health and wellbeing in the West Fife Villages area, in particular where they are based in High Valleyfield. All the services/events delivered will either have direct benefit to the people of the area's mental health or will utilise music as a theme that will have an indirect but substantial benefit to their mental health. They aim to bring in other organisations to deliver courses that will benefit mental health such as resilience training, mental health first aid, wellbeing and relaxation and self-defence for vulnerable women. They wish to bring in support for drug and alcohol abuse, money management, debt advice and grief support for people who are at risk of poor mental health. As part of their mission to use music to help mental health, they wish to expand on their music classes that we run, hiring in professional music teachers to deliver singing lessons and other instrument lessons too, as well as one off workshops in drumming and traditional Scottish music.
    Areas supported: South West Fife |
    Leslie Community Council / The Magiic Project The Magiic Project ( Wellbeing Support in The Community ) £8,296
    Summary: The Magic Project would like to introduce and develop more ways to help and support wellbeing within their community as part of the Covid recovery plan to support the most vulnerable members of their community due to the emerging issues surrounding the lockdown and shielding situation. Regular contact for those members of the community is vital. Something that the elderly and those living with dementia rely on, but that has been severely reduced due to Covid. As a way to assist in their recovery they would like to offer and deliver art and music activities on a weekly basis over a 24 week period as a 2 hour session with the support of suitably qualified individuals. They would be looking to work with local agencies including local care homes, the local council, social work dept, age concern and Alzheimer Scotland / STANDin Fife to support referrals for their activities. A buddy scheme may be necessary to support people who may need encouragement to attend rather than come on their own. Supporting those who have suffered with their wellbeing and mental health during the pandemic, helping to improve confidence in their abilities and capabilities within a friendly, safe and social space whilst making new friends.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    LinkLiving Ltd Sporting Chance £7,224
    Summary: LinkLiving has partnered with Raith Rovers to design an 8-week active wellbeing programme for young people in Kirkcaldy. The overall ambition of this course is to provide participants with the tools and techniques to better manage their mental health through physical activity and participating in a range of wellbeing sessions. This exciting new project brings together the skills and experience of Raith Rovers and LinkLiving to provide a unique programme that combines mental health support with physical activity. It is widely accepted that regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood. Exercise combined with the wellbeing workshops will give young people the tools they need to better manage day to day challenges. We recognise that some young people may be reluctant to engage with mental health support and so we feel that the football aspect of our programme will help facilitate the engagement of those young people who may not normally choose to participate in a wellbeing programme.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Linton Lane Centre Linton Lane Creative Workshops £9,500
    Summary: Working in partnership they want to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people in their community who have experience of poverty, long term-unemployment, and homelessness. Based upon their previous experience they have evidenced that communities respond positively to arts-based approaches when dealing with lived experiences. They have previously held creative workshops at the centre, and they have proved very popular and successful in the past. The project will involve weekly 2-hour workshops, with 2 potential community performances. The workshops will take place in the Lints Lane Centre in Templehall. The centre is the base for 8 other regular groups. This is where they will develop the work with the community. The sessions will be delivered by award winning theatre maker Mark Traynor and peer mentor Scott Elder. The Centre Manager will oversee the planning and delivery of the project and will be responsible for the transport, budget, and safeguarding elements. Mark has been working with communities to create plays and performances for over 20 years. Scott is a former participant who has been mentored for the past 3 years in project facilitation and peer mentoring. He also has experience of long-term unemployment and has been key in supporting participants through previous projects.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Live Music Now Scotland Music to Lift The Spirits £9,240
    Summary: Music to Lift the Spirits will be a 9-month long project with musicians residencies in each of six Fife care homes for older people, including those with dementia related illness. Each care home residency will consist of 5 interactive performances from Live Music Now Scotlandís exceptionally talented emerging artists. In total, it will result in no fewer than 30 participatory concerts to lift the spirits of older people and their staff as they adjust to life post-covid. It will allow older people to enjoy the transforming power of music in their own settings, decreasing anxiety and promoting wellbeing, through interaction with specially trained artists and shared social enjoyment in communal spaces.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth |
    Lucky Ewe Lucky Ewe Recovery and Renewal £9,965
    Summary: The work supports the mental health and wellbeing of the learning disabled and those with additional support needs, who take longer to learn than the average individual and need different stimuli, but who receive only the same period primary and secondary school education as anyone else. Commonly they leave school around 16 years of age, have no academic qualifications, no option to enter further education, and no ability to seek employment. This project will engage those Interns using different stimuli and models compared to conventional forms of learning. They support Interns in an animal husbandry and farming environment, particularly working with sheep as relatively small, undemanding, and non-aggressive animals, but requiring care, attention and management. The experiences are also all embedded in farming management and operations, with the related skills required for employability in that sector.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Maggie's Fife Benefits and Welfare support for people in Fife £11,451
    Summary: Maggieís benefits and debt advisor Melanie helps people to manage the financial difficulties they face as a result of their cancer diagnosis. Macmillan research (2013) has shown that 4 in 5 people diagnosed with cancer will be £570 a month worse off financially. She maximises income, applying for benefits, emergency grants, disabled parking badges and identify support that people are entitled to. This grant will allow us to support groups who often engage less with support services. Fife has high rates for Head and Neck and Lung cancers that can be more prevalent in areas of deprivation and have poorer outcomes due to multiple socioeconomic factors. They can often experience difficulties communicating after treatment, impacting mental health significantly which can lead to feeling very vulnerable, isolated and lonely. Many have been shielding and are nervous to return to normal activities, loss of communication is an additional hardship making it more difficult to access support and live well.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | South West Fife |
    Markinch Community Hub Pathways to Wellbeing Project £12,020
    Summary: This project is to positively combat the negative effects that Covid-19 has had, & continues to have on our young people, they will provide a project that offers hope for their future & opens up opportunities to meet new people, interact & practice social skills, build confidence, develop peer support, share their lived experiences they belong, be part of a community initiative, get outdoors, enhance mental health build resilience, support overall wellbeing, act as a buffer for life challenges, learn new skills, receive recognition for their efforts and earn awards & SQA Accreditation The plan is to provide training& outdoor sessions involving litter picking, bench cleaning, tree & bulb planting, building bee hotels, bird boxes & community planters to grow vegetables & plant fruit tree trails. We are building pathways to wellbeing by bringing together young people and the older adult population(project volunteers) for the common cause
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    North East Fife Community Hub Extension of Services at North East Fife Community Hub £14,500
    Summary: The North East Fife Community Hub was established in 2018. With funding from the Scottish Land Fund, we purchased St David's Centre, St Andrews, from Fife Council in March 2021, as a Community Asset Transfer. Since then, the Community Hub has gone from strength to strength. The building is well-used, the cafe is busy and it is becoming a valued community asset, supporting the most vulnerable in many ways. Funding is sought to support a salary to enable extension of the opening hours of the building in response to community demand to increase service provision. These extended hours will enable more groups to meet and offer wide-ranging activities to the whole community, providing a safe space where all local people will be welcomed. This will also provide access to the clothing bank and emergency food provision for a longer period every day of the week. Additionally, this will enable installation of a community fridge, with increased opportunity to access fresh food at times when people need it.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    North East Fife Community Hub Out & About Club £9,466
    Summary: This project will improve the outdoor infrastructure and provide regular activity at the NE Fife Community Hub to enable people living with mild to moderate dementia and cognitive impairments and their carers to safely access nature and use the outdoor space. They will embed the benefits of nature-based approaches for mental and physical health through collaboration with the Sensory Trust who will mentor the facilitation of activities, recruit and direct training volunteers and promote, by example, the benefits to wider groups and individuals using the Hub. The outdoor area requires improvement and lacks shelter to welcome people. Improving the facilities will safely engage more people in outdoor activities and be a catalyst for further groups the months and years ahead. Through facilitating a regular group, people can integrate with their existing social infrastructure at the cafe and reconnect to other community events, which will reduce their social isolation.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    OnFife Libraries Magic Moments £11,505
    Summary: Magic Moments social sessions will be created to help reduce social isolation for those with advanced dementia and their carers based on a Tovertafel mounted projector that projects light games onto a table. Games have been co-designed with players/carers providing physical/mental/social stimulation. This would expand their dementia focused activities to Duloch Library, Dunfermline improving the wellbeing of those in Duloch & the surrounding areas. Purchase/install would take place in Feb/Mar with activities in Apr/May. We aim to have a total of 40 at these sessions but activity would continue through the year. Interacting with staff & other attendees, taking part in activities & feeling part of a community in a welcoming/non-judgemental space are all social wellbeing benefits of public libraries. Taking part in their sessions will stimulate interaction/communication, the games will lower anxiety/help increase focus & have a mood enhancing & relaxing effect. The Tovertafel can also increase physical activity. The sessions will be social occasions aiming to improve peopleís confidence, their sense of community & reduce feelings of loneliness
    Areas supported: Dunfermline |
    Options in Life New day of service £10,993
    Summary: This project will allow them to launch of a new day of service, extending theircurrent programme from running 5 days to 6 and serving up to 20 more adults with learning disabilities and their families in Fife. They were already preparing to do this pre-covid so they have everything in place and when they have the funding they can start immediately. Their new day of service will introduce a new group of people with learning disabilities, who are currently suffering in isolation without any provision, to a weekly, full day service where they will take part in fully supported fun, educational, fulfilling social activity. Their activity range is extensive and suits all needs and interests, as well as being designed to instil confidence and develop new skills which further improve their lives and opportunities outside their programme. Each activity runs for a full day. Transport to the activity is arranged by their Charity and the group participating receives all the support they need from their team of highly trained staff who ensure each individual gets the assistance they need to take part; their emotional wellbeing is supported and they are safe at all times. Some example activities include bee keeping, off-road cycling, work experience in a local community cafe, rock climbing, nature walks, working with exotic animals, horticulture, arts & crafts workshops, kayaking, tank driving, cookery classes and many more.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes | Levenmouth | North East Fife |
    PAMIS PAMIS Fife Wellbeing Project £5,530
    Summary: This project will aim to directly improve the health and well-being of people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) & their unpaid family carers. They will do this by offering various free of cost wellbeing activities that focus on both physical & mental health improvement. All activities will be targeted solely at this group. The project will include - Carers access to 1-1 emotional support where they can discuss their emotional and mental health. In person accessible Leisure events that accommodates the person with PMLD & their carer. Pony Countryside Access, Families involved with PAMIS. These families all have relatives with PMLD and they love giving these relatives the opportunity to experience the outdoors particularly areas which would usually be inaccessible to people in wheelchairs such as hilly parks, forests and beaches, complete outdoor access. Online activities for the person with PMLD and activities for the carer. We will offer Art for therapy classes, Sensory Wake Up Shake Up sessions, Carers Yoga, Meditation sessions & Music Making sessions.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Pilgrim Care Enhanced Parish Nurse Services for the Older Person in St Andrews £35,524
    Summary: Demand for bespoke support post COVID has increased the need for Their services significantly resulting in the introduction of waiting lists. Increasing the nurse's hours and employing a part-time assistant will allow us to extend and expand activities targeted to the individual needs of the most vulnerable elderly residents. The additional 25.5 hours weekly will allow us to: Offer an additional walking session scheduled to accommodate those who cannot attend the existing morning session for any reason (run as part of Paths for All initiative). Addition of a wet weather contingency to maintain routine and to allow regular observation of users by continuation of service delivery indoors by running a strength and balance session. An additional armchair exercise session will be offered to those on the waiting list. This will also be streamed to a wider audience who currently face barriers in leaving their home and so cannot participate. They need to purchase technology to support the streaming of services to actively encourage supported participation with a focus on strengthening confidence and mobility in housebound people. This will be part of a technology library and will be re-allocated when it is no longer needed.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    PINK SALTIRE SCIO The Kingdom Rainbow Programme £13,365
    Summary: Pink Saltire will develop a new mental health and wellbeing programme for LGBT+ people across Fife, delivered from their new hub at The Hive LGBT+ Centre in Kirkcaldy. The programme will consist of 3 main elements delivered across January, February and March 2022: - provision of a coaching programme which supports individual wellbeing and growth. - group and social activities which bring people together to reduce social isolation and loneliness in a safe space with other LGBT+ people. - activity to upskill individuals and help them make new friendships and connections, through an evening 'taster' programme. They will deliver these services from a new dedicated space at The Hive and hope to secure capital funding to make minor alterations to the upper floor of the building, creating a mental wellbeing suite. This suite will include 2 therapy rooms. The rooms will be used to deliver most of the programme activities, one-to-one therapy sessions and as a base for mental health resources and signposting.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Raith Rovers Community Foundation Reminiscing Raith £10,000
    Summary: Reminiscing Raith is a project designed to tackle social isolation and food poverty within their local elderly community. Sessions are ran bi-weekly and target both males and females aged 50 years and above. Sessions run for 2hrs and are based on sharing memories and stories relating to local sport and football. Each session a free 2 course hot meal is also provided to each participant. Sessions are led by their club historian and guest speakers are invited to attend each week to share further stories and memories with the group. Their sessions will not only provide a free hot meal and chance to connect and socially interact but they will also create a Food Bank which will be available to all participants each session.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    REAL LIFE OPTIONS Mental Health and Wellbeing support Programme £10,000
    Summary: The project they have developed through necessity during the pandemic and they are wanting to offer to people they support and the wider community is the Health and Wellbeing programme. This is a project born out of the need to promote and improve the mental and physical health of our workforce and the people they support. They have employed 2 Health and Wellbeing advisors to support the wellbeing of their workforce across Scotland, driving change and preparing guidance and toolkits to promote wellbeing from recruitment and induction processes to return to work programmes that support wellbeing during periods or absence and in preparation for coming back to their roles. Entitled Mental Health at Work- A managerís guide, a module developed to improve the skills of their team in recognising signs of declining mental health in our workforce and people we support. They have developed a library of guidance form many partner organisations that people can access through their inhouse electronic chat platform and this could be made accessible to support others across the community. They also want to introduce monthly seminars that people can participate in remotely ensuring that staff, people support and the wider community have full access.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Kirkcaldy |
    Relationships Scotland FM Tayside and Fife Connecting families - RelScot £4,000
    Summary: As a member of the largest provider of relationship support services across Scotland, they propose to enhance their provision to offer specific support to mitigate against the impact of distress on young adults and adults in the wake of the pandemic, and to enhance their mental health and wellbeing. Covid19 has exacerbated generalised anxiety and a sense of isolation in local communities and the impact of this is just beginning to show. Relationships have fractured and impacted by the distress of home-schooling, working from home, loss of income, and being together 24/7 during lockdown. To tackle these underlying issues, which affect the mental health and wellbeing, sense of coping and sense of connectedness of individuals, they propose to offer their services to an additional 15 individuals (16+) during the last quarter of 2021-22 (Jan-March). They will be offered a maximum of 60 sessions including Mediation, Contact, Therapy and Counselling (young adults).
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | North East Fife |
    Robert Smith Court Community Group Community Garden improvements £2,000
    Summary: In 2020 they completed work building a community garden on brown belt land adjoining their community area. This was an area of wasteland and was jointly owned by all properties in Robert Smith Court. This was a project which was of immense value to community wellbeing particularly as the majority of properties do not have private gardens (and many live in multi-occupancy blocks). With the onset of the Covid pandemic this garden was essential to the wellbeing and mental health of their community- and provided residents (young, old and disabled) with a safe space for recreation, rest and play). They have adequate funds to maintain the garden but they wish to make further improvements which will include a covered seating area, additional garden furniture, and additional improvements to landscaped areas. They ultimately are seeking to provide further opportunities to encourage social interaction in their community for the good and benefit of their residents' wellbeing and mental health. They have a number of their residents with mental health and disability issues.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly |
    Royal Voluntary Service First Time for Everything Fife £9,669
    Summary: This project will deliver First Time for Everything, their community-based activity programme, in Northeast Fife. Their programme will provide people with opportunities to try something new for free in their local community and is aimed particularly at those aged 55+ or that have underlying health conditions. The activities support physical and mental health and wellbeing because staying active and social have proven to be important to keeping fit and well as we age. All activities are beginner-level, with COVID-19 safety measures applied, and can range from tree top treks to Bollywood dancing. A part time Activities Co-ordinator will organise and deliver 24 activity sessions in Northeast Fife over 3 months. The Activities Co-ordinator will recruit, train and support volunteers who will help deliver the programme. Over 3 months 150 older and vulnerable people will have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities aimed to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness through bringing people together in a social setting.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    SAFE SPACE LTD Volunteer Expenses £5,000
    Summary: Our service is based on recruiting volunteers who are training in counselling to work with survivors in both counselling and groupwork. All are expected to commit to a year minimum, due to the nature of our work and the fact we do not time limit sessions. All volunteers must undertake our 4 day specialist trauma training and we commit to providing them with at least 4 quality trainings per year as part of their development. The training is expensive and very specialised, but an essential part of our commitment to volunteers. We also pay for external supervision for counsellors with an experienced and accredited trauma supervisor. This allows us to satisy BACP and COSCA requirements and ensures a high quailty of service. We equally provide mandatory monthly group supervision so that volunteers learn from each other in a mutual setting. This in turn allows clients to experience specialist trauma counselling to enable them to overcome their past experiences and be able to move forward. We have limited funds for volunteer expenses, but more funding would allow us to recruit more volunteers for clients.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Saje Scotland Saje Scotland £9,939
    Summary: Funding will enable us to continue with delivering their services to meet increased demands identified by stakeholders. Last year, they directly supported 627 women and girls. A grant will help us provide their range of services, which include: specialised programmes, both online via Zoom and in a face-to-face setting; Zoom Drop-in peer support; individual support; bespoke programmes for the LGBT, women with a disability, drugs and alcohol, and criminal justice communities; and programmes for young people; and a range of volunteering opportunities. They enable women to recover mentally from the adverse impacts and trauma of being subjected to domestic abuse. They aim to be a fully inclusive service. Every woman is welcome.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    School of Hard Knocks Changing Lives £26,300
    Summary: Changing Lives is delivered over eight weeks, for two days a week. They would work with 25 unemployed men aged over 18 recruited from job centres, housing associations, charity partners. Every course day starts with breakfast at 9am, followed by two hours of sport each day (10.00-11.00 and then 13.30-14.30 ), comprising a mixture of fitness, strength building and ultimately rugby training. These physical sessions are designed to challenge participations and improve their team work, emotional control, confidence and pride. At the middle of the day they have a group lunch and from 11.00-12.00 and 12.30-13.30 they deliver two qualifications from Edinburgh College at SVQ Level 4 (community achievement award and employability award) and SOHK's curriculum, which is a series of modules covering: - the Person (what are your values and aspirations and what sort of person should you be); - the Mind (managing fear/anger, identifying stepping stones to success, maintaining motivation); - the Career (interview skills, CVs and cover letters, job applications). Each module comprises group work, role-play, facilitated debate and physical activities, and caters for a range of learning styles (and potential challenges).
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    Seal Dunfermline Step Forward £5,472
    Summary: This project will be based around the principles of co-production meaning that service recipients will be at the forefront of developing personal outcomes and determining the programme content. There will be two complementary elements; groupwork (delivered over 10 weekly sessions between January and April 2022) and 1 to 1 coaching using the well-established GROW model. Their proposal will actively contribute to promoting and supporting the conditions for good mental health and wellbeing. It will support up to 10 young adults (aged 16-21) who experience emotional and mental distress. As distress interferes with mental health and the ability to carry out daily activities and engage at home, at school or in their community, our sessions will provide opportunities for group members to work towards personal goals; rebuilding confidence and developing coping strategies to help deal with life's stresses
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | South West Fife |
    Social Eyes Fife Technology for VIP £9,658
    Summary: The project will allow us to start a library of technology equipment eg magnifiers, readers and an iPad. This will allow us to educate and support the members on the use of this technology while they are at the group meetings. They recognise that this training will be most effective if delivered by peers who understand the challenges and problems and are best placed to give this support. The members can then borrow the equipment to try at home on a short term and signed agreement that will be returned to the group every 2 weeks. this will support members to build their confidence and keep their independence by being able to read their own mail eg bills etc. They will be able to educate members on use of video calling to keep in touch with family and friends to prevent social isolation and improve mental health.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly |
    St Andrews Botanic Garden Trust Access all areas £23,000
    Summary: St Andrews Botanic Garden provides a safe, accessible environment and is a trusted resource within the community. This project will create a needs led provision for vulnerable people with long term health conditions, disability, mental illness, people facing socio-economic and geographical disadvantage and older people to deliver this they are seeking funding which will reduce barriers to access, support us to develop and deliver initiatives and fit for purpose facilities (funding for which would be spent by end March 2022) which will enable the garden to be utilised as a platform to promote and develop good mental health and wellbeing. Their project builds upon the success their community engagement work to date, through the consultation they have carried out, a key theme emerged identified indoor and sheltered areas as critical to supporting these audiences, and this is where they need to provide resources (at present there are no indoor facilities for visiting groups).
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    St Andrews Environmental Network Ltd Cosy Kingdom £9,800
    Summary: Cosy Kingdom is a Fife-wide project established to tackle Fuel Poverty in the region. It is a partnership between Greener Kirkcaldy, Citizens Advice and Rights Fife and St Andrews Environmental Network and is open to any residents in Fife. Over the years demand for the service has increased however no one could have predicted the increase in demand since March 2020 when the pandemic took hold. This project will purchase microwaves and slow cookers to be given to householders in fuel poverty to reduce their energy bills. Currently they only supply these items to householders without a means of preparing hot food however we have large number of clients would benefit from using the cooker less and cooking in either a microwave or slow cooker. They are also recruiting 1.5 FTE, a full time admin assistant based at Greener Kirkcaldy, and a part-time admin assistant based at St Andrews Environmental Network. This increase in the admin team would resolve the issue of a grossly over worked admin team, speed up the response times for the project and provide a better service for the thousands of householders that use the service on an annual basis.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    St Andrews Environmental Network Ltd Opportunities for All £9,700
    Summary: St Andrews Environmental Network was established in 2010 and delivers numerous environmental projects with the support of staff and volunteers. Their projects are diverse, covering the full range of environmental issues, and demand for all their services is increasing year on year. Two of their newer projects rely heavily on volunteers and over the last couple of years the General Manager and the Administration Officer have managed these along with all their other work meaning that neither the projects nor the volunteers are getting the time they deserve. Volunteer Co-ordinator who would be dedicated to these projects and the volunteers who work on them.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    St. Luke the Evangelist (Peace 'n' Jam Project) Bite and a Blether @ Peace 'n' Jam £3,730
    Summary: This project has refurbished a run down and tired space in the Church building to establish a community kitchen and social hub (flexible community space), small kitchen and meeting room - all spaces are available to hire. The delivered activity will be a regular community lunch and meal, known as Bite & a Blether. A welcoming and inclusive space to share tasty home cooked food with other people. Anyone can come along and give of their time (blether), help us out (volunteer), and pay a donation (if able) towards the cost. The activity will reduce isolation by giving people an opportunity to spend time with one another. Improve mental health and wellbeing by giving people an opportunity to access locally sourced healthy and nutritional food. Help tackle poverty by giving people dignified access to [free] food. Involve people in volunteering and help them develop skills and/or share skills and life experience. The grant will be used to fund additional activity increasing lunch provision from one day to two per week, and enhance existing activity, offering a home-cooked (evening) meal once a month (increasing to fortnightly) made by our community cook and food volunteers.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    STAND STAND Peer Support Groups £10,000
    Summary: STAND members created and delivered a course called A Good Life with Dementia to 4 people who are living with a diagnosis of dementia. The course was held over 6 weeks in the Community Centre in Kinghorn. The course participants are all living with mild to moderate dementia. At the end of the course the participants wanted to continue to meet. The Community Centre are delighted to give the group space free of charge. The group is supported by the STAND members who delivered the course and the Dementia Friendly Fife Project Manager. The group has been meeting since September this year with around 12 regular attendees. The attendees also include the families and friends of people living with a diagnosis of dementia. The focus of the group is to give each other peer support and to help each other to find out what services and information can help them to live well with the illness. The space also offers a "drop in " service to anyone who is affected by dementia. To date the group have met and chatted. Some "visitors" are booked for the weeks up until the end of the year. These are all free. They will now pay musicians, an artist and a creative writer to support them to access the more creative side of themselves and to create lasting and positive memories of how they are living well with the condition. The group will also access refreshments and food.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Kirkcaldy | South West Fife |
    Sunshine Club Expanding our offering: New Tuesday sessions £10,000
    Summary: The Sunshine Kitchen, The Sunshine Club, has successfully run a kitchen project for young adults with additional support needs for 3.5 years. Based in Fife, they rent a kitchen premises in Glenrothes where their team develops and prepares food products, with an emphasis on using local produce, which they sell on their own stall at farmers markets and other community events, normally around the Northeast Fife area. With this new session, they can offer further places to 6 new young adults with learning disabilities, plus one peer mentor, normally also a young person with ASN. Their new Tuesday session will follow an already established model, running for a substantial part of the day and supported by experienced staff.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes | North East Fife |
    Tayport Community Trust Tayport Talks £10,430
    Summary: Coming together to share Tayportís past - To engage isolated or lonely adults in Tayport in recording Tayportís recent history. To establish self-sustaining friendship and interest groups. To provide 5 young adults with skills, experience and qualifications in interviewing, recording, researching, and IT. To create a book of 20th century Tayport based on reminiscences, which will be available to schools, visitors and the wider community. A sessional Volunteer Coordinator will set up the project and recruit five trainee interviewers, then support carrying out the project. At the start, professional guidance will help to make the most of oral histories. Once the 5 interviewers have been recruited, they will host social events (at the Larick Centre) and invite local people to attend. These will have a theme (e.g. transport, housing, work, social life) and perhaps a talk or a film, refreshments then small group discussions. The discussions, along with photographs and other artefacts will be recorded and form the basis of a book. However, the main aim is social, to bring people together and encourage them to interact and know that they are creating something of value.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Tayport Community Trust - The Larick Centre The Larick Health and Wellbeing Project £9,380
    Summary: The intention of the Larick Health and Wellbeing Project is to provide support to local people to reduce social isolation, to run free social, educational, and physical activities, and to offer holistic support to improve physical and mental health and well-being. Their programme of activities will run weekly for approximately 16 weeks and each session will be 2.5 hours long. The programme will consist of a variety of activities, which respond to the needs of local people, including isolated families with younger children and older people. They will include a range of afternoon workshops, talks and physical activities. An additional staff post will be recruited. In addition, there will be expert speaker. Some examples of the sessions that they are planning to run including parenting workshops; nature workshops; sewing, craft and woodwork workshops; an arm chair exercise session, basic cooking/cooking on a budget demo's; mindfulness and relaxation, walks and connecting to nature, self-care and building self-esteem and confidence.
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    The Ecology Centre Resilient Roots £10,000
    Summary: This project will provide a day of supported volunteering at The Ecology Centre. Their current volunteering provision is hugely successful with around 30 individuals from the local community attending on Wednesdays each week. Resilient Roots will meet one day per week from 10am - 4pm. The group would be facilitated by the Education Manager and Education Officer. The group would be small with up to 6 supported volunteers and their support workers/carers if required to ensure they receive the level of support and one to one time they require. Like all their work at The Ecology Centre, the group would operate with a person-centred approach. Volunteers are involved at the early stages of project planning and individual interests and passions are always explored. The focus of Resilient Roots is on improving health and wellbeing through - social connection within the group (including a sit down cooked lunch for each session). Meaningful and useful physical activity to contribute to the management of our site.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    The Friendship Cabin The Friendship Cabin - A Centre for Wellness £10,440
    Summary: The Friendship Cabin - A Centre for Wellness is a grass roots community group that will expand their services to benefit new and existing members. They will now be able to deliver additional activities and programmes to people to reconnect and revitalise their local community, building on what they have learned and developed throughout the pandemic. They will be offering more tailored programmes that promote health and wellbeing. They will purchase equipment to support interaction e.g. the Sharp Interactive Touch Table Live sessions / podcasts Links to Wellbeing Radio Relaxation / Mindfulness sessions. They will develop the service to promote and develop good mental health and wellbeing, as well as mitigating the impact of the rising demand for mental health support. They have recently piloted a session on a Monday to provide more focus on dementia / mental health. This has been well received but they need to expand their offering and tailor it more to the client group.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    The Mindfulness Project Minding Fife £9,470
    Summary: Minding Fife is a new outreach project which will deliver training sessions and workshops in Mindfulness and Self Compassion in 3 areas of Central Fife. Mindfulness and Self-Compassion are known to be beneficial strategies to supporting mental health and wellbeing. These courses will be aimed at those who have struggled to cope during the pandemic and help support participants to readjust to life after lockdowns and shielding. This project will help restore participants confidence and self-esteem. As a result, participants will be more able to connect with each other and within their communities after the pandemic, reducing isolation. Initial project work will involve identifying appropriate accessible spaces to hold the Mindfulness cafť activities in each location. They will initially encourage participation through introductory outreach workshops, through word of mouth, by making contact and connections with groups and organisations already known in these three locations. They will deliver 1 Mindful Movement session per week in each location, to improve both mental and physical health and enhance the Mindfulness practice sessions.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth |
    The Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland Sporting Memories Fife £4,820
    Summary: This project will support the growth and expansion of their local weekly Sporting Memories Clubs in Fife. They will use the hook of sport, through a mix of reminiscence, social activities and taking part in inclusive physical activities to connect older people who share their interest and passion for sport. A weekly community club will consist of the first half being sporting reminiscence and cognitively stimulating games supported by memorabilia and resources defined by the participants sporting interests and preferences. This allows for social interaction among participants and new friendships to be formed. At half time we will provide refreshments. The second half of the weekly club will facilitate physical activity with a range of activities and sports including boccia, target games and a range of balance and strength exercises. The physical activity will be a gradual introduction to support beneficiaries slowly increasing physical activity levels from a starting point of being inactive. All activities will be inclusive and within the limits of the individuals within the weekly club. This will be an additional club in Dunfermline.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy |
    The Village Cafe Ceres Community cafe Good Companions Lunch Club £6,200
    Summary: The project aims to set up a Monday Lunch Club for those folk in the village and surrounding areas who live alone and whose family, if they have any, do not live locally. The lunch club will provide homemade soup and toasties along with a tea and coffee and a biscuits. In addition, the project hopes to have speakers and musicians who will come along to entertain the folk coming in for lunch. The project will also have some board games with volunteers to help with playing them. The parish is a sprawling rural one and many of the older people are "stuck" in their own homes due to transport difficulties so it is envisaged that the project will provide transport for those folks who would otherwise not be able to attend such a sociable gathering. The aim of the project is to provide company, stimulus and good homemade food and a friendly environment that assists them to overcome their loneliness and isolation and re-connect them with their communities
    Areas supported: North East Fife |
    Trust In Fife Wellbeing Inspired £8,360
    Summary: The project and activity envisaged will allow the 27 accommodated clients within the temporary accommodation the ability to access a weekly wellbeing activity focusing on mindfulness and meditation inputted by an accredited practitioner. these sessions will allow all participants to understand the importance of personal wellbeing and allow all to have practice and education on self-help and the importance of this through practical intervention and daily strategies in promoting positive wellbeing. The project will run 2 hourly sessions per week and undertake group work and one-to ones where identified. These sessions will take on board self-hypnosis self-affirmations and elements of NLP and positive psychology, allowing the clients to understand the potential for altering their own states with the resources they hold within themselves. Trust in Fife aim through these workshops to empower the individual clients to use their own internal resources to minimise the stereotyping and stigma associated with accessing mental health resources through prescribed routes, realising that sometimes they are stuck in thought cycles through internal dialogue rather than having an identified mental health diagnosis.
    Areas supported: Kirkcaldy |
    Wellbeing Scotland Community connections for wellbeing £8,868
    Summary: An identified gap emerging after Covid is survivors of abuse who have severe and enduring mental health issues who need visits to their homes to get them out of their homes to engage with the community. The befriending service has had a high level of demand without any funding to support it but it has been seen to be a significant project to reduce isolation and improve mental wellbeing. Many people lost confidence to leave their homes during the pandemic and for those who were already afraid to leave home they found local engagement even more difficult. They plan to expand their befriending services to support people to engage in local activities. They intend to utilise some of the activityís local development trusts and community groups provide to ensure sustainable engagement on an ongoing basis. They will recruit befriending staff, supported by volunteers to initially engage with people in their own homes to increase confidence followed by going with them to engage in activities. They will start initially with walk and talk sessions. Some activities people can engage in are knit and natter, cycling, walk and talk, arts and crafts workshops and anxiety/ stress and wellbeing workshops. To enable the service to progress quickly some of our trained volunteers may take up the employed positions.
    Areas supported: Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly | Dunfermline | Glenrothes | Kirkcaldy | Levenmouth | North East Fife | South West Fife |
    Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland Fife Workplaces Wellbeing Resilience Project £9,900
    Summary: The purpose of the project is to bring mental health, wellbeing and resilience support to Fife workers experiencing the upheaval of Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, labour supply, mental ill-health and related life issues affecting their working and personal lives. The project is aimed at workforces from any background and would include workers suffering bereavement/loss, trauma, socio-economically disadvantaged, veterans and redundant workers/at risk of redundancy. Chaplains would be able to provide support to more workplaces in businesses, retail and organisations in Fife towns including Dunfermline and Glenrothes. Main activities are Core Chaplaincy Service, regular visits and events to offices/facilities providing the foundation of building relationships with staff (including online visits/support). Wellbeing Support & Resources - In order to meet the increasing number of staff accessing workplace chaplaincy, two key resources can be implemented to meet staff awareness and their holistic needs. Wellbeing Seminars - 10 topics available e.g. bereavement/loss, trauma, stress/depression, building resilience, work-life balance, suicide awareness, happy people/healthy workplace) and designed to be preventative support, can help to meet the holistic needs of more staff in teams ‚Äď evaluation through feedback and review forms with department teams.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Glenrothes |
    YMCA Glenrothes 'Y' Wellbeing £9,940
    Summary: This project has recently employed a Personal Wellbeing Coach who provides support to their service users with a sharp focus on wellbeing. The PWC is implementing trauma informed systems that will enable them to pioneer work in a trauma informed and infused way. They look to provide new wellbeing and learning programmes to promote and develop good mental health and wellbeing for homeless people residing at YMCA supported accommodation sites and will deliver 1-1 and group sessions following a rolling programme. Opting for a holistic approach these sessions will include participation in creative and performing arts, using artistic methods and mediums as a way of expression and release negative emotions safely. Sessions will also include improving life skills, cooking healthy eating, physical activity, practical skills, and individual need-based workshops. Outdoor learning is a key feature of this programme, provided in a dynamic and engaging environment and promotes increased physical health, enhanced mental and spiritual health.
    Areas supported: Glenrothes |
    Youth 1st Self-defence and mindfulness £5,203
    Summary: Through their new activity, they will provide an opportunity for young women age 16-25 to improve their mental health and wellbeing. It is well known that one of the best ways to achieve this is through physical activity. This project will combine the mental health benefits of exercise with the physical and confidence boosting benefits that a self-defence class can provide. Using the 5-ways to wellbeing as the foundation, they will also include teambuilding activities to support relationship building. This project will support young women to increase their confidence as well as help them understand the benefits that physical activity can play in their mental health. They also believe that the self-defence training will provide the young women with a boost to make them feel more comfortable and confident in their everyday lives. To remove any barriers about attending they will reimburse the cost of travel for all young woman involved. They aim to provide 8 sessions in total with around 30 young woman getting access to 4 sessions each. This will give them the opportunity to improve their skills and mental health across a number of weeks and make recognisable progression from week to week.
    Areas supported: Dunfermline | Glenrothes |
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