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FVA Staff and Board Members

  • Fife Voluntary Action is an independent charity and company limited by guarantee. The organisation is governed by a Board of Directors who are also the Trustees of the Charity. Our Board members are volunteers who do not receive renumeration for their role. The Board delegates the operational management of the company to the Chief Executive Officer.

    Our Board members are:
    - Judith Allison, Chairperson
    - John Jones
    - Caryn Nicolson
    - Allan Thomson

    You can contact the Board through our CEO, Kenny Murphy.

    Like most organisations within the third sector, we're often looking to recruit new people to our Board with the skills, experience and passion to help govern and lead FVA. If you're interested in joining our Board, please get in touch with the CEO in the first instance.

    The staff team (click on a name to send an e-mail):
    Corporate Services:
    Kenny Murphy, CEO, Glenrothes
    Lauren Brown, Building Support Officer
    Corinna Crawford, PA to CEO, Glenrothes
    Lynn Crichton, Finance Officer, Glenrothes
    Sue Jack, Finance Manager, Glenrothes
    Adam Johnston, Administrative Assistant, Glenrothes
    Niasherelle Maxwell, Admin Support Officer, Kirkcaldy
    Chris Steer, Admin Officer, Glenrothes
    Ricky Wroniecki, Caretaker, Cupar
    Rory McMurtrie, Caretaker, Kirkcaldy

    Capacity Building:
    Helen Rorrison, Head of Community Development, Cupar
    Maureen Burgess, Capacity Building Officer, Cupar
    Sofia Dogan, Financial Inclusion and Anti-Poverty Manager, Glenrothes
    Dave McGrath, Capacity Building Officer, Glenrothes
    Michael Nicholson, Business Analyst, Cupar
    Sharron Redpath, Capacity Building Officer, Kirkcaldy

    Pegs Bailey, Employability Development Manager, Glenrothes
    Anne Fearfull, Interim Employability Project Officer, Glenrothes
    Ewan MacLeod, Delivering Differently Support Officer, Kirkcaldy
    Sandy Mackenzie, Employability Development Officer, Glenrothes
    Trish O'Brien, Mental Health Peer Support Network Co-ordinator, Glenrothes

    Volunteering Development:
    Neil Bird, Head of Volunteering Development, Glenrothes
    Ashleigh Burt, Volunteering Development Officer, Kirkcaldy
    Cat Cockburn, Volunteering Development Officer, Glenrothes
    Nicole Jackson, Volunteering Development Officer, Glenrothes
    Nicci McDougall, Volunteering Support Officer, Kirkcaldy
    Susan McHatton, Volunteering Development Officer, Cupar
    Jacquie Mellon, Volunteering Development Officer, Kirkcaldy/South West Fife/Cupar
    Michaela Ogilvie, Volunteering Development Officer, Glenrothes
    Janine Stenhouse, Volunteering Development Officer, Kirkcaldy

    Projects and Communications:
    Joanna Clark, Head of Health and Care, Glenrothes
    George Cuthill, Timebanking Development Officer, Glenrothes
    Alison Fordyce, Senior Graphic Designer, Glenrothes
    Beverley Hooper, Footcare Fife Administrator, Glenrothes
    James Jack, Footcare Fife Co-ordinator, Glenrothes
    Eloise Wilson, Policy & Communications Officer, Glenrothes

    For general enquiries please phone 0800 389 6046 or e-mail [email protected]

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