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This page was last updated on 11 August 2020, 15:31.

Pandemic Information and Response

This page was last updated on 11 August 2020, 15:31.
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Returning to offices
Prescription deliveries for the vulnerable
Volunteering and mutual aid groups
Organisations looking for volunteers
PVG considerations
HR and employment law
Managing risk
Funding for organisations and individuals
Claiming benefits
Key news/updates
Mental health resources
Fife's foodbanks
Adjusting to home working
Avoiding COVID-19 scams
Fife developments/updates
NHS Fife and Fife Health and Social Care Partnership guidance

What's New/Updated on this page?

11/08/20 - We've added a link to the Scottish Government's guidance on individual workplace risk assessment.

10/08/20 - The Scottish Government has issued a clarification on what indoor activities children can take part in, now that schools are returning.

07/07/20 - We've added a substantial number of links to our new Returning to offices section, which highlight essential resources from the Scottish and UK Governments, the NHS, the Health and Safety Executive, and others.

22/05/20 - The Scottish Government has published a framework for making decisions about Scotland's emergence from lockdown.

12/05/20 - A National Wellbeing Hub has been launched for those working in health and social care.
12/05/20 - We've updated our guidance on the Wellbeing and Third Sector Resilience funds.
12/05/20 - The Scottish Government has launched a new programme aimed getting vulnerable people who are not already online using internet services during the COVID-19 repsonse.

04/05/20 - The Scottish Government has decided to pause its volunteer recruitment campaign after registering 76,000 offers of help.
04/05/20 - Children in Scotland is running a webinar on 14 May on Supporting disabled or seriously ill children during and beyond the pandemic
04/05/20 - We've added a guide to hardship grants for individuals struggling with the effects of the current crisis.
04/05/20 - The Children's parliament has shared its report on how Scotland's children are coping during the current crisis, and has launched a new survey for 8-14 years olds to complete.

30/04/20 - We've updated our guide to the funding available to third sector organisations responding to the pandemic.
30/04/20 - We've added links to the National Cyber Security Centre's guidance on the safe use of video conferencing facilities.

27/04/20 - The Scottish Government has published A Framework for Decision-Making which sets out its approach to the crisis.

22/04/20 - The National Cyber Security Centre has relaunched its CyberAware website, promoting safe internet use during the COVID-19 lockdown.
22/04/20 - We've added a link to SCVO's guidance on furlough leave that focuses on the third sector.

20/04/20 - The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Online Service has now gone live online.

18/04/20 - Police Scotland has launched a survey on experiences of policing in lockdown.
18/04/20 - Fife Council has issued a plea to people to only order the medicines they really need.
18/04/20 - FVA has published some tips on keeping business premises safe during the COVID-19 crisis.
18/04/20 - The Scottish Government's wellbeing fund for third sector organisations providing support to people through the crisis is accepting expressions of interest until midnight on Sunday.

13/04/20 - We've added a link to the UK government's Business Support website, which has details of support available to organisations and employees.

09/04/20 - The Children's Parliament has launched a survey to identify the impact of COVID-19 on children.

07/04/20 - The Scottish Government has announced that timescales for social security benefits have been relaxed where the claimant can evidence that a delay is due to COVID-19.
07/04/20 - We've provided some additional information on funding for organisations seeking to mitigate the impact of the crisis.

06/04/20 - The UK government has issued new guidance on the use of PPE by health and social care workers.

04/04/20 - We've added a Quick links section to make this page a little easier to navigate.

03/04/20 - Thomson Cooper Accountants has developed a guidance document for charities on the financial reporting issues around Coronavirus.
03/04/20 - We've added some additional information to the section on Funding available to organisations impacted by the pandemic.
03/04/20 - We've added additional information and resources to our section on children and Coronavirus

01/04/20 - Fife Council has published guidance on the use of Fife's parks and open spaces during the pandemic.
01/04/20 - We've added some guidance and links on shielding and what to expect.
01/04/20 - Pink Saltire has launched a survey on the impact of coronavirus on LGBT+ groups.
01/04-20 - ACAS has been running webinars on employment law and the Coronavirus- the next one is due to be held tomorrow.
01/04/20 - OSCR has added a new guidance section to its website that answers a number of questions about charity governance at thei time

28/03/20 - FVA has partnered with NHS Fife, the Health and Social Care Partnership and Fife Council to launch a Prescription delivery service for the most vulnerable patients in Fife.
28/03/20 - Fife's foodbanks have put out an urgent appeal for donations due to unprecedented demand.
27/03/20 - The Scottish Government is offering grants to businesses impacted by the pandemic (administered by Fife Council)
27/03/20 - Volunteer Scotland has published guidance on community volunteers and PVG checks.
27/03/20 - Anderson Strathern solicitors has produced a guidance note on what the Job Retention scheme (Furlough Leave) will mean for employers, while Citizens Advice Scotland has published guidance for furloughed employers.
27/03/20 - A Resilience fund has been launched to support third sector organisations at risk of closing due to the pandemic
27/03/20 - SCVO has created a section on its website dedicated to funding for organisations responding to COVID-19
27/03/20 - Volunteer Scotland has launched a website dedicated to COVID-19-related volunteering, with information for both organisations and individuals.

26/03/20 - We've added some links that will help you to identify COVID-19-based scams and keep yourself protected.
26/03/20 - We've included links to Fife's foodbanks, which are providing a vital service at this time.
26/03/20 - We've added some mental health resources to this page, to help you through this period of self-isolation and social distancing.

24/03/20 - The UK government has asked that benefit claimants apply online for the timebeing.

20/03/20 - more information and guidance for local organisations and people published as we continue to respond to questions. PVG, data protection and insurance information added.
ACAS has updated their guidance too.
UK Government's definition of 'key workers'
Key workers in Scotland

19/03/20 - launched helping hand register for people to tell us if they want to lend a helping hand in their community, but also for people to tell us if they need a helping hand at this time. We're doing this in partnership with Fife Council.

18/03/20 15:17 - emergency third sector funding is being proposed by UK and Scottish governments, details to follow

18/03/20 15:15 - a UK wide informal volunteering scheme will be launched tomorrow, details to follow
18/03/20 15:00 - FVA has sought reassurance from Fife Council about third sector funding and SLA performance targets
18/03/20 14:00 - FVA is drafting a communication to ministers around ESiF funding and the impact of the crisis on employability services
18/03/20 10:00 - added working from home staff survey, from CIPD, under HR section.

16/03/20 14:00 - published this page with links to reliable sources of information and some draft policies and documents for organisations to consider and learn from.