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    This page provides Saltire Awards information for organisations which engage, or are looking to engage volunteers between 12 and 25 years old.

    The Saltire Awards
    The Saltire Awards is a national programme, endorsed by the Scottish Government, designed to recognise the achievements of young people aged between 12 and 25 who take part in volunteering.

    There are 4 sections to the Awards:
    • Saltire Challenge;
    • Saltire Approach;
    • Saltire Ascent;
    • Saltire Summit.

    Saltire Challenge
    A Saltire Challenge is a one-off volunteering event. It is designed to give young people an experience of volunteering as part of a team.

    Organisations, schools, youth and community groups can support young people to develop Challenges, with the assistance of the Saltire Awards toolkit. Past Challenges have included sponsored walks, bag packs, beach cleans and tree planting.

    All young people aged 12 -25 can receive a Challenge certificate for each Challenge they complete.

    For more information or to register your Saltire Challenge Award please contact us.

    Saltire Approach
    The Saltire Approach is an introduction to volunteering.

    This award is for individual volunteering. It is designed to encourage young people to undertake a regular commitment to volunteering but in realistic bite-sized chunks.

    Young people can gain certificates after 10 and 25 hours of volunteering. Any young person aged 12-25 can apply for the Approach Award, although the suggested age range is 12 - 15 years.

    Saltire Ascent
    The Saltire Ascent is to show a commitment to volunteering. A step up from the Saltire Approach, this award is designed to demonstrate a sustained commitment to volunteering.

    Young people can gain certificates after 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours of volunteering.

    Young people are also encouraged to reflect and learn from their volunteering by recording skills and experience gained.

    A young volunteer can enter the Saltire Awards at this level. They do not have to complete the Challenge or Approach Awards.

    To register your young volunteers contact us. Forms can be downloaded here (see right hand side of this page).

    Young people can register themselves on to the Saltire Awards on the Saltire Awards website (link at the right hand side of this page).

    Saltire Summit Award
    The Summit Award is for an outstanding contribution to volunteering. Unlike the other Saltire Awards, young people are nominated for this award. The nominations are peer-assessed by a panel of Saltire Ambassadors.

    Saltire Ambassadors
    Young people who have achieved the Saltire Ascent Award will be invited to become Saltire Ambassadors. Ambassadors can be involved in the Saltire Awards on various levels from promotional and publicity activities to decision making roles on the Summit Award Panel.

    More information
    For more information about involving, supporting and rewarding young volunteers in your organisation please contact us.

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