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GDPR Toolkit

  • Fife Voluntary Action (FVA) is delighted to have worked in close partnership with Square Peg HR to develop and make available a GDPR Toolkit which will help organisations on their journey to compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (which comes into force on 25 May 2018).

    How does this work?
    You will answer some questions that will allow our system to produce a reasonably tailored set of templates for you. You should then review these templates to make sure that the contents work for you, and that the final documents are fit for your organisation's purposes.

    What's in the Toolkit?
    The Toolkit will help you to produce the following:
    • Data Protection Policy;
    • Data Retention Policy;
    • Confidentiality Policy;
    • ICT Policy;
    • Social Media Policy;
    • Staff Privacy Notice;
    • Volunteer Privacy Notice;
    • Job Applicant Privacy Notice;
    • Covering letters for Staff, Volunteer and Job Applicant Privacy Notices;
    • Website Privacy Notice;
    • Service User Privacy Notice;
    • Subject Access Request form;
    • Suggested clauses for including in contracts of employment, and
    • An example of a Data Processing Agreement.

    Are these basic templates I can get on the internet for free?
    We're confident that the templates we've produced are of a higher quality than those available free elsewhere. They are also better than some of the paid-for templates out there - this is a unique collection of tailored documents for third sector organisations in Scotland. The authors have significant expertise and professional experience in law, governance and information security, and their work here is based on significant research and guidance from other external experts on how the new regulations will operate.

    Additionally, our system puts the emphasis on your organisation's needs. Our templates are designed to be customised to your specific needs, although there is manual effort required to review and amend what it produces. This ensures that the final document is as relevant to your circumstances as possible, something that a simple, off-the-shelf template cannot do. Some templates we've seen will still take several hours to customise - our system will save a lot of time and hassle.

    Will I just be sent a Word document with the templates?
    No. The templates are delivered over the web. Once your order has been processed you'll be e-mailed a unique link enabling you to go online to produce your templates. You will be prompted to answer a series of questions which will lead to the production of your templates. It will take time to answer the questions, but this is considerably easier and quicker than just giving you full templates with lots of areas that you need to manually consider and adjust. These templates are delivered online, as a single document which can be opened in Word and then edited, saved, printed and so on.

    Will these templates make our organisation fully compliant?
    Policies and procedures created through our system will be robust and helpful, but this is only one part of being compliant. The documents produced should be reviewed and amended to reflect what you do and what you need. Having policies in place is also only one part of compliance - ensuring that your board, staff, and volunteers are aware of, and complying with, the policies is just as important.

    These policies aren't legal advice - they're simply guidance on what (in our professional and experienced view) you need to have in place in order to achieve compliance. As with any template, you will not be provided with a document that can be used immediately - this is a complex area and every organisation is different.

    Is it just templates that we get access to?
    No, additional help is at hand from FVA and Square Peg HR. Fife-based organisations that purchase the Toolkit are able to access up to 1 hour of tailored e-mail/telephone support to help customise the templates. Additional support in 1 hour increments can be purchased if required at a rate of 75 per hour or part thereof. Organisations outwith Fife will need to pay for support at 75 per hour or part thereof.

    How much is the GDPR Toolkit?
    The Toolkit is available for third sector organisations at a discounted price of 220. This includes up to 1 hour of e-mail/telephone support for organisations operating in Fife to help understand and customise the templates.

    Can I access the e-mail and telephone support immediately upon purchase?
    We don't advise that approach - you will use your 1 hour very quickly and we may not be able to give specific answers. It is important that you do as much as you can to prepare for GDPR and to understand how your organisation processes personal data. It will be almost impossible for us to provide support if you don't have this understanding before contacting us.

    Do I need to purchase this Toolkit?
    Not at all, many organisations will be able to work through the various actions required to become fully compliant. It is a complex area which requires a fair amount of knowledge and will take time. The Toolkit can save a lot of time, allowing you to spend more time on other areas of compliance and service delivery (we're all very busy in the third sector!).

    Why is FVA charging for this?
    We're charging to pay for the significant time it took Square Peg HR and our staff to develop the templates and to cover the cost of the e-mail support. We have delivered many free or low-cost sessions on GDPR in Fife and put information and resources into our free e-mail bulletins and on our website. We have a range of free resources on a dedicated page on our website. We can provide basic support to organisations for free, but we have to limit this because it is a very complex area. It would take many days of intensive support to work with some organisations to prepare for GDPR. We felt producing templates at low cost was an effective way of of helping as many organisations as we could in the time remaining before the regulations enter into force.

    What if we can't afford to purchase it?
    We've done our best to keep the price of this service as low as we possibly can, but we recognise that it can seem to be a significant outlay for some organisations. These policies will save you significant time and resources and will serve to protect you from non-compliance (the fines for which are substantial). You may be able to secure external funding towards the cost of this service - please speak to our Capacity Building team if you would like support with that.

    How do I purchase the Toolkit?
    To purchase the Toolkit please complete the form below. If your request to purchase is accepted you will receive access details in an e-mail with your unique link and password to the Toolkit web page. Basic technical support is available at no additional cost should you need it.


    Importance privacy notice: By completing this form you agree to Fife Voluntary Action (FVA) processing the data you provide for the purposes of processing your order request and providing related information or support on data protection/GDPR. FVA will only share your contact details with Square Peg HR. Our Data Processing Agreement with Square Peg HR limits their processing to the purpose of fulfilling this order and adding you to their e-mail marketing system. You can opt out of their e-mail marketing at any time.

    Important terms: By completing this form you are proposing to purchase the GDPR Toolkit from FVA at a cost of 220. You confirm that you have the appropriate authority in your organisation to enter into a purchase contract of this nature and value. You also agree that your organisation will make prompt payment and that failure to make payment will result in some or all of the product offering mentioned above being withheld at our discretion. The sale is completed once FVA has agreed to your purchase request, and no refunds shall be permitted.

    Up to 1 hour of e-mail support for Fife organisations by Square Peg and FVA and is valid for six months from the date of placing your order. Any support purchased but not accessed in that time will be deemed to have been spent, and FVA shall not be required to reimburse any part of the fee paid. Support must be accessed by the organisation purchasing the toolkit, and cannot be assigned. The support is to help organisations to understand and customise the templates.

    In the event of any technical faults or issues, we reserve the right to provide the Toolkit in full, directly to you by e-mail. This will necessitate a greater degree of editing by you, commensurate with the levels that the automated system would normally undertake. We shall only do this if our reasonable endeavours to provide access to the automated system are unsuccessful. In such circumstances, we shall be deemed to have fully met our obligations under this agreement.

    FVA and Square Peg retain the copyright in the underlying templates, but grant you a perpetual, irrevocable licence to use, modify and adapt them as your organisation requires. You may not sell, licence or otherwise commercially benefit from these templates without the express prior consent of FVA and Square Peg.

    If you have any questions then please contact us during working hours on 0800 389 6046 or e-mail us at any time.

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    Your surname:
    Organisation name:
    Organisation's address:
    Organisation's main e-mail address:
    Organisation's main telephone number:
    Your e-mail address:
    It is essential that you supply a valid e-mail address - this system works by e-mail, so please retype your e-mail address - do not copy and paste from the box above!
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Access the Toolkit
If you have purchased the GDPR Toolkit and wish to access it you will need to click on the unique link sent to you by e-mail. Please contact us if you need help accessing the Toolkit.