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  • Fife Centre for Equalities (FCE) is a new, independent charity which emerged from an innovative joint project between Fife Council, NHS Fife and Fife Voluntary Action. Working with others, FCE is helping to develop more inclusive and responsive services for people in Fife, and working to build a positive picture of Fife's modern and diverse population.

    The FCE vision
    Our vision is that all Fifers are inspired and enabled to take action that makes Fife a more equal, fairer place to live, work and study.

    The FCE mission
    FCE wants to build a collective voice to champion equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice. The centre provides practical guidance and support to everyone working to tackle inequality - here in Fife, and beyond. We want to:
    • Make equality a normal part of everyday life in Fife
    • Promote the rights of individuals, because everyone's story is unique
    • Help communities make their voices heard, and have their say in the planning and delivery of local services
    • Develop relationships with partners and stakeholders from public, private and third sectors to advance equality, diversity, social justice and community cohesion.

    FCE's values
    FCE works with honesty, integrity, respect and transparency, and strives to demonstrate a fully inclusive approach at all times.

    FEC outcomes
    (What we want to bring about through our work)
    • Individuals feel respected, safe and have the freedom to lead a fulfilling life where they live, work or study
    • Individuals and groups feel better connected and are able to contribute to public policy and the planning and delivery of local services
    • Groups, whether already established or just getting started, have the tools they need to engage with their local community in a positive and inclusive way
    • Third, public and private sector organisations demonstrate best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion.

    FCE output
    (How we will help make Fife a fairer place)
    • Provide information, advice and support to individuals and groups about equality, diversity and social justice matters
    • Act as an intermediary between different sectors and groups
    • Develop a training programme and a varied set of resources to enhance awareness and improve good practice of equality and diversity
    • Facilitate sustainable and effective partnership working with communities, and between local authorities and other key bodies and organisations
    • Promote mainstream equality and inclusion in key partnerships under the Fife Community Plan.

    The FCE team
    Nina Munday, Manager
    Pat Greenhough, Engagement Officer
    Elric Honore, Development Officer
    Daniela Patterson, Communications Officer
    Barbara Bianchi, Admin and Finance Officer

    How can you get involved?
    • Subscribe and contribute to our e-bulletin
    • Consultations: voice your opinions about a policy change or public issue
    • Reference group meetings: support and inform the development of FCE
    • A brand new FCE website is being developed, but in the meantime you can use the Fife Voluntary Action (FVA) website: they can promote your organisation's services, news, events and opportunities. Share your updates.

    Contact us
    Tel: 01592 645 310
    E-mail: [email protected]

    To request any of this information in an alternative format, please contact us.

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