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2023 Award Nominations
  • Make nominations online for Fife's 2023 Volunteering and Voluntary Sector Awards.
    Nominations close on Wednesday 19 April.

    The Saltire Summit Award is for an outstanding contribution to volunteering, and is for young people aged 12-25 who have normally achieved at least their 200 hour Saltire Ascent. They are normally nominated by the organisation they volunteer for or their school, college or university. Saltire Summit Award recipients are chosen by a Summit Panel made up of representatives from schools, colleges and voluntary organisations, as well as Saltire Ambassadors - young volunteers who promote and facilitate the Saltire Awards in Fife.

    PLEASE NOTE: this award is different to the Young Volunteer Award. Nominees MUST have achieved their 200 hour Saltire Award.

    Nominees must fulfil the following criteria:
    • Have completed the Saltire Ascent (200 hours volunteering)
    • Be aged 12 - 25
    • Be resident and volunteering in Fife
    • Be nominated by the organisation they volunteer for or their school, college or university. Nominations from friends and family members will not be accepted.

    If you wish to nominate more than one volunteer please submit a separate nomination form for each.

    PLEASE NOTE: there is a maximum of two nominees per organisation.

    Make a nomination Please note: The information you supply will be used on the certificate. Please ensure all names are spelt correctly, no abbreviations are used, and the correct titles are used throughout. Should the wrong information be supplied there may be a charge to have a replacement certificate produced.
    Tell us about who you are nominating:

    Reasons for nomination:
    Your nomination must give a brief outline of the volunteer's role and what they have achieved through their volunteering, in no more than 500 words. Please highlight what makes them stand out from other volunteers and what makes their contribution exceptional. This could include the difference they have made to your organisation, your service users or the local community. It could also include significant personal development they have achieved through volunteering.

    Now please tell us about you, the person making the nomination:

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What's this for?

You can use this web form to nominate a volunteer or an organisation for Fife's 2023 Volunteering and Voluntary Sector Awards.

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday 19 April.

Nominations can be made by members of the public or anybody with a connection to a volunteer or voluntary sector organisation in Fife.

You can make nominations across as many categories as you want (one at a time!), but please only submit one nomination per volunteer or organisation under each category - duplicate nominations from the same person will be disregarded.

Please feel free to let other organisations/professionals in your network know about our Awards Ceremony.

Thank you.

Data Protection and Privacy
We will only use information provided on this nominations page for the nominations and Awards process. We will not share any personal data provided here with anybody that is not directly involved in the Awards nomination and judging process. Please contact us if you have queries or concerns about the use of personal data.

Brief Guidance
Things to consider which will help judges to assess against their criteria:

- Has the volunteer been dependable and enthusiastic?

- Has the volunteer/organisation had a positive impact on their community/group/club, members or service users?

- Has the volunteer/organisation shown responsibility and taken their role/purpose seriously?

- Has the volunteer/organisation been particularly creative and/or innovative?

- Has their involvement gone beyond what would normally be expected of a volunteer/organisation? - Has the volunteer overcome barriers to volunteering e.g. health issues, family/work commitments? - If the nomination is for the Active Volunteer Award, has this volunteer contributed significantly to your organisation without having a particularly sport-based background, for example?

- Have you included current evidence of volunteering?
Need Help?
If you need any help to complete a nomination, or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 389 6046 during business hours, or e-mail [email protected] at any time.