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Support for Ukrainians in Fife

  • FVA can offer appointments to Ukranian refugees arriving in Fife access to a large choice of donated clothes, toiletries and toys. This is offered on an appointment-only basis - the form on this page must be completed beforehand.

    Sponsors or referrers can complete the form on behalf of the Ukrainian family member(s), but we need to capture certain information to ensure that people have full access to services, we track project usage and we can better understand where families are in Fife. All information provided will be treated sensitively and only shared for safety, security and health reasons.

    We are not able to offer language support or transportation - sponsors need to organise that, or attend with the family member(s).

    FVA can help make referrals and facilitate access to other support - we're here to help.

    Complete this form to make an appointment

    About you (sponsor/referrer)
    Your name
    Your contact number
    Your e-mail address
    About the family
    The full name of the lead family member
    Where are they living in Fife (postcode only)?
    How many people want to access the donations?
    How old are the women/girls who want to access donations?
    e.g. 5 months, 3yrs, 29 yrs, 65 yrs
    How old are the boys/men who want to access donations?
    About the need
    Please tick the items that are likely to be needed on the visit to our donation store:

    During the appointment, the family can access all that we have, there are no restrictions, this just helps to monitor demand and ensure - for example - certain areas are fully stocked before the appointment

    The Appointment
    How many people in total (including you/any support staff etc.) will attend the appointment?
    Will the family need any additional support for the appointment?
    Other than donations, is there any additional help or support that your or the family currently needs?

This page was last updated on 17 May 2022.
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Who can access donations?

It is only for Ukranian families living in Fife, regardless of the scheme that they used to get here. The family themselves, their sponsor or a relative/friend can fill out the form and arrange the appointment, but we need some basic information about the end-recipients before we can make an appointment.

What is available?

All donated items are available at no cost, with no limitation on how much or how often the system can be used by any family. We have a large selection of clothes for all ages, genders and sizes, toiletries and toys. We don't have household goods - these should be provided by sponsors. We cannot provide money, electronic goods or food.

Is it safe to share personal data on this form?

This is a secure website. We will share data with statutory partners (Fife Council and NHS Fife predominantly) and only for the purposes of ensuring that vulnerable people are known to services so that appropriate support can be offered.

How do I access the donations?

After completing the online form on this page, we will be in touch to confirm a date and time for you and the family to visit our donation store. If you turn up without an appointment we will be unable to assist - there are no exceptions. We cannot offer transport or language support, this must be arranged with the sponsor.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Appointments are typically confirmed within 2 working days. The appointment is normally for the same week or early the following week. Appointments are only available Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Need help?

If you're struggling to complete this form or want more information, you can call us on 0800 389 6046 during normal office hours.

Alternatively, you can e-mail us at [email protected]

Thank you.